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Burberry Brit For Him Initial Impression

Burberry Brit

Whether you're looking for a new perfume or a fresh scent, the Burberry brit for him is a great choice. The fragrance is a masculine, yet gentle scent that will linger for a good 6-7 hours on your skin.


It smells like an old money English country house


Despite being a British company, Burberry never made a bad men's fragrance. They also have a solid reputation for their women's line. However, they have not been able to match their male counterpart's quality. As a result, they have a surprisingly small male demographic. This is especially true when it comes to fragrances, since women often equate a manly scent with something a bit sexier. This is not to say that there aren't any good ones out there, though. They're just hard to find. The best bet is to look around and see what's out there. Besides, you'd have to spend a pretty penny to do so. If you're looking for a new cologne, check out the Burberry Brit for Him collection. This is a classic turned modern, with a sexy base note of gray amber.


It's a conservative fragrance


Designed for men who like to smell like a grown man, Burberry Brit for Him is a scent that is both sweet and spicy. Its opening phase features bergamot, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, and a touch of citrus. The fragrance then unfolds into a woody, aromatic, and sweet scent. The fragrance also has a slightly dry, powdery, and warm aspect to it. The final phase of the scent lasts about two hours and is highlighted by musk and tonka bean.

Burberry Brit for Him was launched in 2004. Its scent was developed by Antoine Maisondieu. The perfume's design goal was to capture the urban, metrosexual vibe. The fragrance has a blend of spices, a touch of cedar, and other woody notes. The fragrance is part of the Curve Crush cologne line. It is available at most perfume stores.


It's a bit of a "gray Londoner" vibe


Unlike the usual fare of roses, Burberry Brit for him has something a little more substantial to say about it. The name of the game here is to create a more polished and less opportunistic product that does its job without the distractions of a high end retail establishment. The resulting scent is a class of its own. With a wear time of eight hours and a sillage to boot, it's a surefire winner. Those who appreciate a good quality scent without the overbearing pretense will love it. It's not as overpowering as many of the department store offerings, which makes it a winner with the picky. The best part? It's not too expensive. A bottle can be had for well under $200. You can even get a sample if you're lucky.


It lasts about 6-7 plus hours


Antoine Maisondieu, the nose behind the Burberry fragrances, created the men's fragrance called Brit. It is described as a woody scent with a refreshing citrus note. This fragrance has been popular in the past decade. It is also one of the best selling colognes in the market.

There are three stages to this cologne: the opening, middle and the closing. The first stage is the most refreshing and the most sophisticated. Its spicy notes are dominant in the opening and the citrus and green mandarin notes give it a fresh, light feel. The middle and the closing stage work with the different elements to bring out their natural character.

The opening is peppery, while the middle and the closing are smoothed out by the tonka bean. The base is woody and leathery. This is a good choice for daily wear.


It's a projection monster

Whether you're a young guy on the hunt for his first fragrance or an oldie at heart, the Burberry Brit for him Eau de Parfum will satiate your every whim. It's a blend of woody and spicy notes and has a leathery finish that's just right for a laid back weekend. Its affordable price tag makes it a steal.

This scent from the fashion house of Burberry opens with a dry powdered rose, mandarin and bergamot. It then goes on to have a fairly impressive array of oriental notes that are all rolled into one. Its main ingredient is tobacco leaf, which gives it a hefty dose of class.

While it's not a particularly long lasting fragrance, the burst of scent that hits you after you apply the product is impressive. The fragrance sits close to your skin and lasts for five to six hours.

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