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Due to the global pandemic, Virtual Events have recently taken center stage. Virtual events aim to provide an immersive and engaging experience with all the elements of an in-person event from the comfort of your home.  There are no strict timings to show up at the venue, and all you need is a stable internet connection.

Virtual events are often recorded and streamed online for the audience after the event is finished. To create an immersive online experience, audio, visual and interactive elements such as navigation features, booths, stage, auditorium, games, etc., must be present in the virtual event platform.

On top of that, a DIY Virtual Event Platform gives you full control over your virtual event. Here a user can customize his event in any way he likes from the beginning to the end, using various functionalities according to his needs. They are so much more than a typical video conferencing platform. Before you plan your next event, do take a moment to check out these incredible DIY virtual event platforms-




Mixhubb is a DIY virtual event platform that helps organizers host their events seamlessly using amazing customizable features. It is a state-of-the-art virtual platform that lets users design, ideate, and execute every part of the event all by themselves. It assists the organizer at every step, from planning, analytics, and data tracking to event setup, reporting, and customer support. Here are a few features that make Mixhubb stand out from the rest-

o   It is a 3D Virtual Event Platform with a highly user-friendly interface with seamless navigation that helps users host realistic virtual events. Even people with little to no technical skills can easily organize and access the virtual event. Users can host events, including virtual webinars, conferences, town hall meetings, social meetups, hybrid events, and many more.


o   Mixhubb is a DIY platform for online event planning. It is entirely customizable and self-managed. It lets you create the whole event realistically with branded web rooms, branded event websites, and dynamic branding, making the content move in the background, Branded Sponsorship opportunities, Customizable registration means, customized email templates, etc. Such features help you draw out more exhibitors or sponsors for your event.


o       AI Matchmaking- This functionality helps save the audience valuable time as they can easily find people with shared interests.


o   Affordable pricing and scalability- Mixhubb lets you host events of any size or scale with pocket-friendly rates, be it a team meeting with 30 employees or a large-scale online fest, all with just a few clicks.


o   Advanced Backstage and Audience Engagement- Mixhubb provides several audience engagement features such as live Q&A, live comments, live polls, games, spin the wheel, etc.; there is an anonymous backstage feature where organizers can easily manage the whole event without disturbing its flow.


o   Mixhubb also provides ticketing and registration management, detailed data analytics to track the movement of attendees during the event, and on-demand streaming services.


o   Security and multiple device accessibility- Mixhubb provides enterprise-class security to the users, which means that the platform is safe from online threats. Also, it is supported by multiple devices and browsers.

o   Mixhubb also provides networking features such as networking tables and two-way Video Conferencing, and a recording feature so that users can rewatch or even share the snippets of the event.

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Dreamcast is one of the best and most trusted global virtual event platforms that offers 360- degree virtual experiences with plenty of highly interactive and customizable features.  It is a 3D DIY virtual event platform that provides the whole virtual ground for conducting your event from scratch. You can design your event your way using its wide range of networking and engagement features such as networking tables (1:1 and group chat with video chat functionality), dynamic banners for sponsors, an AI matchmaking tool, a customizable branded environment, and integrations with WhatsApp and Zoom.

 Dreamcast is packed with comprehensive features and versatility to organize virtual or hybrid events, virtual conferences, meetings, trade shows, expos, exhibitions, fairs, launches, Virtual town halls, virtual AGMs, etc.  It is all in one event suite that lets organizers host innovative and engaging events of any scale seamlessly and effortlessly increases the event’s reach to a global audience. It offers multiple functionalities, some of which are listed below-


·         Exact 3D duplication of the physical venue

·         Event analytics and dynamic device support

·         High data security

·         24*7 backend assistance

·         Text & Video-Based Notification

·         Multilingual Support

·         Meeting Scheduler

·         Gamification

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VFairs is another 3D virtual event platform that will help users pull off an unforgettable event with amazing features such as realistic 3D environments, multiple webinar options, animated avatars, powerful networking tools, and end-to-end project management.  VFairs boasts rich visuals and a life-like immersive event environment. The venue comprises virtual lobbies and exhibit booths that give you branding freedom and upload custom graphics, increasing impact visibility for you and your sponsors.


Here online event planning can be easily done for specialized events, unlike its competitors such as trade shows, career fairs, job fairs, poster halls for conferences, etc., and standard events. Some notable features of VFairs include-

·         Speakers and attendees can use the chat, audio, and video options during the event to share ideas.

·         Auto matching feature connects people with similar interests.

·         Advance appointment scheduling to speak to a representative, one-on-one or group networking features for building conversations.

·         VFairs offers exceptional customer services. You receive your project management team to assist you throughout the event, from event planning to analyse post-event reports.

·         It also provides you with live and pre-recorded webinars, games, event reporting, a vibrant exhibit hall, multilingual support, social media walls, easy-to-setup integrations, and more to pull off a memorable and engaging event.

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