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Inlay Jewelry Repair-Repairing Your Old Jewelry Timely Anyone will be proud to have elegant inlay pieces in their jewelry collection. Their sentiments capture the heart and are such a sight to sore eyes. These, unfortunately, may sometimes get damaged, such as losing a stone due to weakened prongs. You will need to take them to an inlay jeweler knowledgeable in fixing these beauties. Before embarking on an inlay jewelry repair, the channel should be deep enough to hold the new piece in place. It is crucial for a successful repair. Also, ensure the epoxy has quantity metal to hold to, so the inlay stays safe. What is inlay jewelry? It is a design technique done by experienced inlay jewelers, where they set a custom cut stone using glue while placing it in an unfilled area of the jewelry. The artisan ensures the unfilled area matches the rock's size or dimension to level with the service material. In essence, it is an artistic way of creating jewelry using various colorful gemstones and textures and sticking them with glue. Different styles of inlay include; • Mosaic • Flush inlay • Pillow inlay • Edge inlay Use experienced repairer Repairing inlays requires a special touch, and your inlay jewelry repair will need a jeweler experienced in lapidary (gemstone cutting) and inlay. You need to know that not every jeweler repair can handle the repair work for this piece. They may not have the right tools or experience for this particular jewelry. Therefore, Only use the right expert. Otherwise, they may result in shoddy quality inlay work that will end up costing you more for correction. An inlay may include opal, Lapis, Mother of pearl, Onyx, Ruby, Turquoise, and many more precious metals. How to find a reputable inlay jewelry repairer • It is crucial to look for a jeweler who is well-equipped with the right and high-quality materials. That should include a variety of color and fire. • Try to find a Jeweler that has experience repairing the gold inlay dividers. • Whenever you go to a jeweler, always ask for the work samples they have previously done to access their work finish. A Jeweler that can cut and inlay the opal seamlessly is the most ideal. • Consider a jeweler with lapidary experience because he will have a profound knowledge in the depth of inlay stone materials, unlike an ordinary jeweler. He will also understand how to work with gold dividers and new gems. A professional inlay jewelry repairer should have the right tools. Different tools are involved when it comes to inlay jewelry repair. That will make the job more efficient—for example, a jeweler should have a diamond drill bit to remove the damaged stone and epoxy. The jeweler will then replace a new stone while the entire piece goes through the polishing wheels to remove the dents scratches. After this, the inlay gets re-polished on a leather wheel, using a polishing compound, and buffed to a sparkling polish. Opal inlay repair -Whether you encounter everyday wear or an accident, you should not hesitate to go for jewelry repair, as it will only get worse. Wearing a damaged piece of jewelry will be prone to losing more stones and end up costing you more. If an inlay receives a crack, any liquid form may find its way inside through the gap, which will affect the epoxy. -Avoid any penetration to your inlay jewelry because it will affect the bond that keeps the piece together. If the liquid gets between the stone and the mounting, it will weaken them and gradually cause the opal to fall one by one. -Always ensure that all the pieces of your jewelry are intact and securely epoxied to the channel structure. And if paired with faceted gems set in prongs, have them checked yearly by a professional lapidary jeweler repairer. Doing this will correct any worn outs or loose gemstones. -You may miss some cracks with your naked eyes, and it's better to use a magnifying glass. Otherwise, a jeweler can always spot any hidden chip, for they have all the right equipment to get the job done. NB: The best way to ensure you get the perfect opal color is to place it over a black background. That helps to enhance its hue. Inlay jewelry fascinating facts • Unlike the regular bezel setting, a jeweler forms the metal first during inlay design; then, he cuts the stone, fitting into the metal. • The grinding and the polishing come after first fitting the stone with glue on the metal form, then follows the flush inlay. • To create the inlay's metal channel, it is as easy as soldering a frame to the back of a plate. You can achieve this if you have some basic soldering and metal forming skills. Tips for caring for your inlay jewelry • Always give these pieces some TLC while wearing them, removing, storing, and cleaning. • While cleaning, use only an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner since chemicals will ruin the epoxy after some time. Household detergents are likely to damage the epoxy tool. • If your inlay jewelry has any faceted stones like diamonds, you can use a mild soap to clean them with a soft brush. Keeping it longer in the water may impact the bond between the rock and the epoxy holding the channel. • If the piece tarnish, avoid dipping the inlay jewelry in a tarnish but instead, use a polishing cloth to clean it. • Always wear your opal jewelry while taking care, and remove your inlay jewelry ahead of any strenuous activity or work out. When your jewelry is not on you, store it in a cloth bag or jewelry box. But ensure that they don't ding or scratch with others. • If the inlay jewelry loses its beautiful luster, you should take it for refinishing to restore its appeal. Following these simple precautions will prolong your opal jewelry life, and you can go for long without the need for refinishing. In Conclusion, inlay jewelry repair needs an expert and not any other repairer. The job requires a professional jeweler in the lapidary who has the right materials to efficiently fix any repair work or restoration. That will give you less headache and protect your piece of jewelry from more damages.
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