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GMAT Preparation

Our Customized services are provided on all admission sides such as Profile evaluation, Personality growth, Admission counselling, and editing of applications. Our comprehensive database guarantees scientific school selection that is modified to your requirements.

Our GMAT Preparation Overview

We offer a Hybrid Customized Collaborating teaching model for GMAT Preparation. It is a mixture of Online home classes, our Classroom-coaching, group classes, and one-on-one tutoring.

Our Education Solutions

We offer both Customized & Personalized Solutions. We concentrate on creating desired modified programs. You can also ask for Regular Programs, Verbal, only Quantitative programs, or any specific customized courses. We give very higher flexibility in terms of batch timings & session days.

Our Teaching Model

We have a Hybrid Interactive teaching model. We believe that Education should always be interactive, 2-dimensional, personalized & should be tailored to each student. All of our courses are a mixture of Online classes and Classroom-coaching. We believe that teaching should be individualized & it should not be what the coaching centers do. We specialize in a technique of teaching in which content, instruction technology, & pace of learning are based on the abilities & interests of every learner. We try to know the uniqueness of each learner & thus we provide acceptable tutorial guidance, & other services to bring about good development in the person. The eventual goal is to provide a learning environment that makes the most of the potential for student success.

Our Comprehensive Module Structure

Our course covers the complete syllabus for the GMAT exam and the GMAT exam fees in India are also reasonable. Our module takes care of the major area of the exam and delivers you the ability to complete a given portion of the program. Our modules target divides the whole syllabus into tangible units & you can pace your training easily with these modules.

Our In-depth Study Material

We have well-researched study material that covers each area of the exam. Our Extensive theory notes & lots of practice questions will help you crack the GMAT with ease.

Our Expert Faculty & Personal Attention

You can get individual attention, network with our experts to clear all of your doubts, and learn about numerous test approaches. You can learn comprehensive test-taking policies and secret approaches for the exam from our skilled faculties.

Why choose us?

We are the fastest-growing Test portal, and with an experience in the test-prep industry and having a mentored lot of students in classrooms and online, we have produced numerous 100 percentiles & successful toppers. We, make sure that our children get the best.

Present GMAT Exam Fees in India

The GMAT exam fees in India is $275, which is about ₹21,000. To avoid numerous attempts, it is strongly advised that students prepare carefully for the test. Candidates cannot cancel or adjust the GMAT examination within 24 hours of the examination.  That is why students need to select and book the test slot very carefully.


Analytical Writing: The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) consists of one 30-minute writing task of analysis of an argument. The new GMAT replaced the analysis of an issue with the Integrated Reasoning section. This section requires test takers to critique an argument based on its reasoning.

Structure of the exam

·         Integrated Reasoning: The Integrated Reasoning unit measures your skill to understand and evaluate numerous sources and types of information and solve numerous problems about one another. The integrated reasoning segment tests students’ ability to analyze & create a compilation of data, presented in diverse forms such as words, and tables. There are twelve questions in the integrated reasoning section and the duration is of 30 minutes.

·         Quantitative: The Quantitative segment has 31 questions that test takers are given sixty-two minutes to complete. Many of the questions are higher school level but test takers should be sure they have sureness in their knowledge of the basic ideas, rules & equations for these precise subjects.

·         Verbal: The verbal section of the GMAT gives you sixty-five minutes to answer 36 questions. The questions are designed to test your skill to comprehend written material, assess arguments, as well as identify & correct grammatical errors.

Wish to study at our center and get the best marks?

Every year, our students achieve higher ranks and get into the topmost colleges, fulfilling their dream and you can call us if you want to get enrolled.

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