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If you are a marketer and prefer online brand marketing, you need to build your organization's reputation by creating a Wikipedia page. To make your business page, it is recommended that your company meet the notability standards. It signifies that the subject, whether a person, brand, or company, qualifies for notability, so the next step is creating the page. Notability guidelines are an essential part of Wikipedia that ensure that the brand or company should have credibility on Wikipedia. To prove its authenticity, Wikipedia provides that the companies should explain their objectives and purpose of creating a Wikipedia page.

The Wiki page goes through strict editing scrutiny, allowing writers and copy editors to follow Wikipedia notability guidelines. The Wikipeda page management company maintain that the Wikipedia page should not give a promotional look. As a company page is inherently promotional, it may cause hostility and agitation between clients and the company. Therefore, the language used in the content should not be biased or controversial; instead, the writer should adopt a neutral tone. The  news articles, blogs, and forums on the Wikipedia page should be informative and helpful for the viewers. The articles should focus on the main brand; they should not be owned or controlled by the brand.

The policy prohibits using marketing jargon that may make content promotional. The accuracy of Wikipedia page content can be maintained by  including material taken from independent and reliable sources.As the company gains high notability based on merit, it increases its online page reliability. Customers can  search for the product using broad keywords relevant to the brand. Consequently, it generates web traffic.

How Can a Company qualify for a Wikipedia page?

·         Build Positive Reputation

If a company is notable, they need to prove it by maintaining a positive image. Reputation management helps businesses to qualify for creating their profile page on Wikipedia. However, it implies that they have built a positive reputation; it should not be a scandal. Generally, businesses gain notability for their  Wikipedia page if they make regular contributions in the form of writing articles and blogs that exhibit essential details, the background, company profile, and services. Relevant data and information on the wiki page help clients know the company's purpose, mission, and futuristic vision. Hence, their purpose in creating a  business Wikipedia Page is to optimize online presence and increase page ranking.

Another factor that helps businesses build their progressive image is visible corporate social responsibility. A positive social responsibility can help companies attract wider consumers and develop a strong platform to market their brand. Moreover, the company’s brand and services increase its reputation and build trust with its targeted audience. Consequently, consumer loyalty increases brand awareness and keep business stay afloat. With good standing, the firms have sustained notable market performance.

·         Avoid reputation damage

 An essential step to maintain notability is to monitor the brand image daily. Wikipedia's notability assessment services ensure that editors should regularly check the page to know what their potential customers think about the brand. The company understands its market reputation through the page and can improve its brand image on digital platforms. Therefore, tracking the feedback, clients' and blog reviews on Wikipedia is essential. Brand monitoring indicates where the brand stands and provides a clear grasp of its online rep.

To review the Wiki page daily, the editors use a peer-review system that assures that page is ready to be launched on Wikipedia.

·         Build notability of the page by citing authentic references

As Wikipedia is an informative platform, people may post random and obscure material anonymously. Vague and irrelevant topics fail to meet the notability guidelines unless verified through reliable sources. To increase the article's reliability, the notability rules maintain that the editors should incorporate authentic references and citations that support the content. The subject or the topic should have significant coverage. The sources used should be reliable, independent, and published in peer-reviewed journals or notable newspapers. Wikipedia acclaims that the editors can use secondary sources such as newspapers, books, magazines, TV, documentaries, reports, and academic journals as they provide objective evidence of notability to the subject. Many companies use third-party data or self-published sources such as press releases, official website topics, or biography writing. Such content is not considered reliable; editors conduct strict editorial scrutiny before the article is submitted. The sources for Standalone articles can be extracted from astronomical objects, books, events, and films.

Focusing on nobility suggests editors avoid using too many references. Include those references in the article that show the notability of the topic. Suppose the writer or the editor fails to prove the notability of the facts and statistics. In that case, the editorial team may  consider the topic or subject unverified, and the article gets rejected.

Consequently, businesses can improve their professional profile pages by adding work performance and brand information. Adding images, visuals, and infographics will help create stunning content that makes the wiki business page appear authentic and genuine to the audience. Companies can also build their credibility on Wikipedia by writing well-informed blogs uploaded to Wikipedia pages. They inform companies about their existing brands and upcoming projects. Thus, these blogs strengthen the Wikipedia page's credibility.

To recapitulate

If you are looking forward to increasing your brand's online visibility, you need to create a Wikipedia business page. While making the page, fulfill notability requirements. Wikipedia notability assistance state that to qualify for Wikipedia, the article's topic should have significant coverage in reliable sources. Moreover, the Sources that explain the topic in-depth should establish notability. It signifies that the sources should be authentic, and independent, and have been published in notable journals, books, or sites. Avoid using a lot of references to support a single sentence or paragraph. Notability bombing may confuse the editors as they may think the article is notable. If the sources lack verification, they are bound to be rejected. Moreover, the rules also suggest that the wiki page should be written informative and not be a marketing copy. Hence,  companies should keep the page updated and add accurate information on the Wikipedia page to build credibility and notability.



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