How to Configure Your Wavlink AC2100 WiFi Extender?

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 With the help of Wavlink AC2100 Setup, a wireless network's coverage area can be expanded. It works by getting the wireless signal from a router, boosting it, and then retransmitting it to areas of the home or place of business where the signal is weak or nonexistent. Users can now benefit from a better and more dependable wifi connection in locations like basements, attics, and outdoor areas owing to this. The extender uses the AC2100 wireless protocol, which is capable of providing both faster speeds and greater coverage than older protocols.



You can connect Wavlink AC2100 extender setup with two methods:


1. WPS method

2. Manual Method


Wavlink AC2100 Extender via WPS method


Using Wireless Protected Setup (WPS), wireless devices can join a network without having to explicitly enter a password. It creates a secure connection between the device and the wireless router using a push-button or PIN-based technique. This eliminates the need for a complicated password and enables quick and secure installation of new devices on the network.


To establish the Wavlink AC2100 using WPS, follow the following procedures (wireless protected setup). WPS is the quickest and easiest way to expand your host network and configure your Wavlink wifi extender.


The steps for configuring a Wavlink AC2100 extender using WPS are as follows:


1. To begin, position your Wavlink wifi extender next to the router.


2. Turn on the Wavlink AC2100 extender.


3. Stabilise the LED light and wait for it to fully turn green.


4. WPS ought to be enabled on both your router and your AC2100.


5. The green light now begins to blink.


6. Give your extender a few seconds to properly connect with your home wifi router.


The Wavlink AC2100 setup with WPS is finally finished. Please call or chat with us if you have any questions about your Wavlink extender.


Wavlink AC2100 Extender Manual Setup


Follow these steps to connect the Wavlink AC2100 extender setup via manual method:


1.     Start by plugging the Wavlink AC2100 into an outlet.


2.     If you have a favourite smart gadget, connect it.


3.     Join the WAVLINK-N network with your device.


4.     Open your preferred web browser.


5.   Open a web browser and enter the Wavlink extender Default IP Address in the address bar.


6.   Next, enter the administrator login and password.


7.   At this point, configure your Wavlink AC2100 extender setup by following the on-screen directions.


Contact our knowledgeable professionals by toll-free number or live chat if you're having trouble setting up your Wavlink extender. They will take care of your problem.


How to update Wavlink AC2100 extender Firmware?


When firmware is embedded in a device, such as a router, it controls the basic operations and features of the device. The firmware of the Wavlink AC2100 router is in charge of managing network connections, routing data packets appropriately, and providing security tools like firewalls and encryption. It is also necessary to update and maintain the router's configurations and user interfaces, including the web-based administration page. The firmware can be updated to improve the router's functionality, security, and compatibility with more modern devices.


These are  instructions for Wavlink AC2100 firmware update are listed below:


1. Open a web browser.


2. Type into the address bar.


3.Enter your usual password.


4. Press Login.


5.After that, upload the most recent Wavlink AC2100 firmware.


6. When done, press the setup button.


7. Then, your extender will restart.


If the advised steps don't work as expected, you must contact our technical experts. They are happy to help you with your problem.


Common issue during the Wavlink AC2100


1.   Slow internet speeds:

2.   Connection drops:

3.   Difficulty setting up the router:

4.   Limited range:

5.   Poor customer support:



Troubleshooting steps for Wavlink AC2100 extender setup


Here are some methods for troubleshooting your Wavlink AC2100 extender setup:


  1. Check the power supply: Ensure that the router is properly plugged in and that the power outlet is working.


  1. Check the network cables: Make sure that the network cables are properly connected to the router and the device you are trying to connect to the network.


  1. Check the wireless connection: Ensure that the wireless connection is enabled on the device you are trying to connect to the network.


  1. Check the router's IP address: Make sure that the router's IP address is correct.


  1. Check the router's firmware: Check to see if the router's firmware is up to date. If not, update to the most recent version.


  1. Check the router's settings: Make sure that the router's settings are configured correctly, such as the wireless name (SSID) and password.


  1. Check for interference: Make sure that there is no interference from other electronic devices that may be causing connectivity issues.
  2. Perform a hard reset: If all else fails, perform a hard reset on the router by holding down the reset button for 15 seconds. This will reset the router's settings to factory defaults.


 If still you’re getting an issue related to the Wavlink AC2100 extender setup. Then don’t be afraid, contact our technical expats by toll free no. or live chat. They will solve your problem.










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