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What are Managed IT Services? This has been the frequent question of many who are precisely now not in normal sync with the IT Services. To provide a picture, on the whole, all the offerings associated to IT which are managed continuously and constantly are nothing however the Managed IT Services. The offerings range into many kinds as per the want of the hour which is greater comparable as Business to Customer, Business to Business and very not often vice versa.

Though distinct erudition of all the offerings isn’t certainly viable, let’s get acquainted with all the offerings accessible and the proper carrier to pick from in case of necessity to avail the services.


Common phenomena in trying to opt for IT Services is, in a majority of the cases, bulk services aren’t necessary and need individual services instead. Often the users fail to check with the authentic service providers and run after the instant solutions which in the end just give an instant solution and the same issue repeats time and again.


Most of the time, it is very much necessary to have thorough research in finding the potential service provider where required can help in the overall resolution that lasts long. And now let’s see what kind of services are grouped into Managed IT Services.


Roles & Responsibilities of a Network Engineer:


Network engineers are responsible for establishing a reliable communications environment by designing a plan, installing the services or equipment, and enforcing compliance with system standards. They respond to results of troubleshooting conducted by monitoring systems for possible security breaches and other problems and devise solutions as needed. To enable it all to function, engineers prepare documentation that explains how the plan works. The reliability of the network depends on how well it performs in practice and this is totally monitored by the Network Engineers.


A network engineer's job is to set up and maintain a computer network or organization's system of networks. Network engineers are responsible for designing, implementing, and troubleshooting contemporary computer network systems. They must be very detail-oriented individuals who can complete projects with strict deadlines in an accurate and timely manner.


As a part of their job duties, they also evaluate solutions to make it work as efficiently as possible depending on the outcome of troubleshooting, determine how well an existing system is working by responding to issues promptly, and ensure the security of the business's information through both physical and logical means including firewalls that protect against external attacks.


The roles & responsibilities of a Network Engineer are not confined just to the Network Security & Support but on a bigger picture, it’s about extending support towards an end to end IT Services. Managed IT Service Providers as large firms are survived with the support of these Network Engineers at large. Let’s have a look at the types of Managed IT Services where the Network Engineers play an assuring role.


Types of Managed IT Services:


Many common prevailing IT Services are actively being utilised day today purposes actively for personal and professional purposes as well. Managed IT Services are as detailed below:


I. Network Operations Center (NOC) Services:


Network Operations Center is a most essential team for an organisation and businesses too. It is the skeleton of the commercial enterprise operations as besides Network Operations Center lack the maintain of the community operations of the workspace. The stepwise manner or the key factors of Network Operations Center Services are as under:


  1. Network Monitoring - Unceasing Network Monitoring is much essential for flawless business operations with real-time alert settings to rectify the issues hindering productivity.


  1. Router Services - Advanced Routers capacitated with broad bandwidth are necessary for an uninterrupted network. The service providers assure the Routers with the necessary bandwidth, complete the setup, service, support etc.


  1. Wireless (Wifi Services) - Swift analysis is required for wireless service providers to round up the required devices with effective speed for the best Wireless Services.


  1. Voice Services - Voice Services or VoIP Solutions forms the soul of the telecommunications with quality to actively manage the communication services.


  1. Managed Servers - Managed servers are nothing but catering to the server hosting needs keeping a check on the server security.


  1. Managed Switches - Managed Switch Services partakes control over the entire system to enhance productivity by reducing downtime through ample planning.


II. Security Operations Center (SOC) Services:


Security Operations Center Services or in short SOC Services guard the network from internal & external threats with a strong firewall. Any untimely detection of the threats attacks the network or devices and so on in many ways impacting the overall productivity of the businesses or organisations. Below are the types of Security Operations Center Services:


  1. Cyber Threat Monitoring - Monitoring the ongoing Cyber Threats not only to detect and protect the data that has been collected and retained but also to respond to the threats promptly & accurately is the key function of Cyber Threat Monitoring.


  1. MIDS/MIPS Services - Managed Intrusion Detection Services or Managed Intrusion Prevention Services ensure effectively detect the intrusions and prevention them timely.


  1. Managed Firewall - Building a strong firewall for any network is much essential unless the data is public. Hence, Managed Firewall Services continuously secure the network from unknown intrusions


  1. DDoS - Distributed Denial of Services helps in predicting the attacks while denying unnecessary communications or connections with our networks.


  1. Ransomware - Ransomware is nothing by the anti-virus solutions to prevent unnecessary viral attacks on the systems or networks.


  1. Endpoint Security - Endpoint Security is the overall protection of the network by choosing the feasible security services as per the core requirements.


III. IT Services


  1. IoT Services - The Internet of Things is the simplification of regular activities through smart solutions and helping the users to stay alert and automate their activities if at all essential.


  1. Print Services - Print Services act on behalf of the businesses or organisations' print requirements saving time, effort and manpower.


  1. Office 365 Support Services - Any communication is futile without office suite usage. Hence, Office 365 Support Services is much more in need for effective communication & implementation.


  1. Data Center Support Services - Data Center takes proper care of all the data at the data centre in coordination with the network and security centres.


IV. Global Dispatch Services:


  1. Global Smart Hands - These are smart services provided to the users instantly as and when required globally.


  1. Break-Fix Services - Break-Fix Services are adaptable services or multi-skilled services that don’t consider the nature of business instead of the mode of business.


  1. SLA based Services - Service Level Agreement (SLA) based services are entered mutually with the consent of the service operations to avoid any long run glitches in the service provisions and applications.


  1. Site Assessment Services - Assessment of Sites to deploy the requisite services differs according to the size of the businesses. Site Assessment Services derive the actual estimations without any fluctuation & repeated deviations.


V. On-Demand Services:


On-Demand Services are on the go always because availing many of the IT Services individually are much helpful instead of the bulk implementation. On-Demand Services listed below helps the user to pick up the apt services.


  1. In Warranty/Out of Warranty Services
  2. Network and Server Deployment
  3. Office 365 Migration
  4. SD-WAN Deployment Services
  5. P2V Services
  6. SAN Design & Implementation


Finally, the Managed IT Services are the hot requirements either as a pack or individually. This is not confined to the IT field as earlier assumed but in every phase of the communication. Hence, it’s very necessary to choose the best service providers that add value to the investment.


FieldEngineer being an established Global On-demand Market Place extends its services globally inclusive of on-demand services with required personnel to cater to the user's IT needs in the fields of Networking, IT Security & IT Services.


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