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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is Oracle Corporation's cloud computing service offering. OCI provides a suite of cloud services to build and run a wide range of applications and services in a highly available hosted environment. Here are the key aspects of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure:

  1. Compute Services:

    • Bare Metal: Provides dedicated physical servers with no hypervisor overhead.
    • Virtual Machines: Flexible VM options to suit different workloads.
    • Containers and Kubernetes: Managed Kubernetes service for containerized applications.
  2. Storage Services:

    • Block Storage: High-performance storage for use with OCI compute instances.
    • Object Storage: Highly scalable storage for unstructured data.
    • File Storage: Managed file systems for enterprise applications.
  3. Networking Services:

    • Virtual Cloud Network (VCN): Isolated networks for OCI resources, similar to a traditional data center network.
    • Load Balancing: Distributes traffic across multiple servers.
    • FastConnect: Private connection from on-premises to OCI.
  4. Database Services:

    • Autonomous Database: Self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing database services.
    • Exadata Cloud Service: High-performance database systems.
    • Bare Metal, VM, and RAC Database: Different deployment options for Oracle databases.
  5. Security Services:

    • Identity and Access Management (IAM): Fine-grained access control.
    • Data Encryption: Default encryption for data at rest and in transit.
    • Web Application Firewall (WAF): Protects applications from common web exploits.
  6. Analytics and Big Data:

    • Data Integration: Tools for ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes.
    • Big Data: Hadoop-based services for big data processing.
    • Analytics Cloud: Comprehensive analytics solutions.
  7. Developer Services:

    • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry: Docker registry service for storing and sharing container images.
    • DevOps Tools: CI/CD pipeline tools for continuous integration and deployment.
  8. Application Development:

    • Oracle APEX: Rapid application development platform.
    • Oracle Functions: Serverless computing for running event-driven functions.
  9. Migration and Hybrid Cloud:

    • Data Transfer Appliance: Physical appliance for large-scale data transfer.
    • Ravello: Runs enterprise VMware and KVM workloads in OCI.
    • Hybrid Solutions: Integration with on-premises Oracle environments.
  10. Governance and Administration:

    • Cost Management and Billing: Tools to track and manage cloud spending.
    • Monitoring and Logging: Services for monitoring infrastructure and application performance.
    • Resource Management: Automation and management of OCI resources.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is designed to provide enterprise-grade security, performance, and availability, making it suitable for critical business applications and large-scale workloads. It supports a wide range of use cases, from simple web applications to complex enterprise solutions.

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OCI Pricing
  • Pricing Overview

    Our simple pricing models and compelling savings programs get you more value, faster.

  • OCI Cost Estimator

    Configure, estimate, and easily share the cost of your project on OCI.

  • OCI Price List

    Only pay for resources consumed, with no hidden costs. Switch services and data centers anytime, without notice.

  • Get Support Rewards on OCI

    Reduce your Oracle technology license support bill by $0.25 or more for every $1 spent on OCI.

  • Bring Your Own License

    Use your current Oracle licenses for on-premises software to run corresponding services on high performance Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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