5 Types of Content That Will Increase Member Engagement

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Member engagement is an incredibly important element of an association, as it ensures your members are getting the value they require out of their memberships and that you are generating revenue by offering things to your members that you know they want. Some of the best types of content to offer that will increase member engagement is classes and certifications, informative blog posts, session presentations in video and slide deck format, infographics, and legislative alerts about policy changes in Congress.


            Content that drives member engagement the most is call-to-action style content, where the goals is to encourage your members to do something with or for the association. Infographics are one good example of presenting information to your members while inviting them to learn more about the topic in a longer format. You might link an informative blog post with more in-depth information and longer explanations. These blog posts can take the introduction to a topic from the infographic and turn it into a long-form explanation that can give real world examples and applications to deepen the understanding of the topic for your members.


            To make your blog posts have a call to action, you can link to classes or certifications that your association offers on those topics. This not only drives member engagement, but also revenue generation, which can then be invested into other programs. Classes and certifications can be a great way to demonstrate to your members the total value they get out of their memberships, especially if you off the classes at a reduced price for members.


            During events, presentations in video and slide deck format can be great ways to deliver information to you members while also encouraging participation and engagement at the event. Calls to action can be in the form of inviting your members to visit your booth, whether that’s in person or virtual, or to fill out a survey for a prize. When you have your members in one place meeting each other, you can find opportunities to encourage everyone to engage with your association.


            One of the best options for call to action style content is that of legislative alerts. Alert your members when Congress is discussing one of your association’s interests or focuses and encourage them to call their senators or representatives to give the perspective and interests of the association, so that your mission is supported rather than jeopardized. And always track that engagement so you can reward your members for their help and hard work.


            Member engagement is best encouraged through call-to-action style content. Entice your members with informative content and rewards so they see the value they get out of their memberships and keep coming back for more.

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