10 Top Destinations Wedding Locations In Rajasthan

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 When we are talking about Destination weddings, one always hyped up to glimpse out the venue and do get hindrance to find out the perfect venue for the wedding to be held. Today’s generation has an eye for an exotic wedding and ties the knot in an unconventional way, just to give the look of outlandishness and frame it memorable. Wedding means two people and family who have been strangers , they are going to engage with each other in an official and conventional manner. Although, it is the tweet-up of your one’ flesh and blood and surely your Friends too, without them- it’ s like you are buried in your own grave.

Destination wedding is nothing grand, but toasting two people. And expand the wedding in an outrageous way. This era is all about following the trend and walking step by step to the trend. Organizing a destination wedding is a really tough row to roe- and if you are single handedly dealing it then it is your piece of cake. But when you think about a specific destination then it does really get going, as it will help you to figure it out- how to deal with it.

If you are wishing for a big fat destination wedding , later, it can never acquire a place in your living premises. For such weddings, it’s better to switch to a wide and broad location, where all resources, availability ,safety are accessible.

If you have a dream for a destination wedding in Jaipur, then you can lease Konark Events. It is reliable and authentic. Established in 2007, this is the well-founded organization which fulfills your wedding dreams. This group has the most innovative genre of the event like craftsmen, designers, planners and decorators. Konark Events believe , these are the accessories of the wedding without which the wedding will look uninteresting.  Having this collective group of artists  make the wedding successful and radiant. The most interesting aspect of the organization is, they have advanced technology. Before – hand of event they will decide all the matters and give the virtual tour and the matter mainly focused on budgeting, planning, ideation, venue- options, designing and other matters if needed. They are very punctual about their coordination ,  especially about the detailing work and other finer details and they follow it with their higher standard to delight the client and guests, as well. Although, they also keep their eyes on traditional aspects of the wedding. They have a very finer and  great quality of art which shows in their work. Wedding planner has to keep his eyes and ears open every point of time and be very much attentive like a surgeon at the operation table. They should be curious to know if there is any other wish or demand which client wants to say. Planner should be very humble and generous, so that, client will not hesitate to put his wish and demand. They are specialized in conceptualizing and pre-delivery of the admirable services for pre-wedding and the day-off the wedding events. Other areas covered- Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Kerala.

Jaipur has been an interesting state for a person to visit, as it has the most catchy and uncounted things to tour. Especially, when it is about the wedding, then it is a talk of the town. Jaipur has been an exposure for weddings to be held and people really enjoy the culture and atmosphere. Weather sometimes is an issue, but, when people see their atmosphere and hospitality, everything drains off.  It is an apple of an eye for people, for wedding purposes.

There are more 10 top location in Jaipur, which are very well-known and can settle down your  Destination wedding beautifully:-


 ‘STUNNING IS THE WORD’. It is one of the grandest locations to set up your wedding. It has a huge kind of accommodation for all rituals and ceremonies. One good benefit is- they have a two giant hall on the hotel premises, which have a capacity to fit in 1500 people in each, where you can host your reception party as well. The halls are very much giant to fit – in your cocktail parties, sophisticated galas.  They have a provision for  a separate kitchen , in case you are vegetarian. The location is much comfortable and suitable to obtain, thus, it also relaxes the client by giving a certified wedding planner and other collective group of artists. The location is very much trouble-free for your guests and relatives to travel, if they are staying nearby.


‘ROYALTY AT IT’ S BEST’.  The word itself has the historical touch, it was one of an ancient and historical palace that has been turned into a hotel. The palace is well- known for their hospitality and staff- members, they are very kind and humble to you, and make you feel, as you are at your home, The moment you arrive there you will feel relaxed and overwhelmed. And you will be taken care of with warmth and protection. Their service and lodgings will make you feel that it is top class. This palace is one of the best to organize any big fat occasion, especially weddings. They have a large grandeur banquet hall, where you can fit in all the ceremonies comfortably with a large number of people. They style the wedding with a mix of both conventional and unconventional amenities and sophistication. If you really overjoyed the wedding in this venue, then it can be your go-to destination.


‘FANCY YET SUBTLE.’ This is one of the outlandish venue where the host can sit back and the client can host the event according to their way. If the client face any issue then the team will instantly report there. This venue allows the client to host their event, oftentimes, clients may not like the hospitality or may be they have a wish to command the wedding on their own. They make sure that the client is comfortable in all way, their aim in no scope for any complaints. This venue has two halls that are ideal for pre and post weddings halls, respectively. All the ritual and ceremonies are held under the premises, with all safety and amenities. They make sure that all the services and hospitality- catering, food , beverage etc. should fall on time. The lodgings and staying for the client is great and compact. They also help in sort out the gifts for the client’s guests and also help to wrap them.


‘LUXURIOUS YET CULTURAL’. This is mostly the exotic location for a destination wedding, as it has a touch of the Rajasthan culture, which creates a pride to Rajasthan and sets a backdrop moments to hitch this palace. The foreground of this palace is stunning and beautiful, it refreshes the old historic Rajasthan culture. The venue not only aims to bring the traditional glimpses in the wedding but it tries to bring out the novel glimpses in the wedding. They try to create new innovations and creativity in the event, and also follow the trend and try to incubate the people’s taste. They have a segregated ballroom, where other ceremonies can take place, They too have a Charbagh to view it.


‘A CHOICE YOU WON’T REGRET’.  This is one of the most 475 years old heritage property in Jaipur, which looks great and it looks stunning when it’s light’s up simultaneously it lights up the mood and cheers the guests' excitement. Though, it is an ancient piece but it never steps back to serve in a conventional manner. They truly believe in tradition, and they are fond of it. This palace is architect in a Rajput Mughal style, with all stately doors, and has a seating capacity of 100-150 words along with bolsters and mattress. They have a large premises- darbar hall , sheesh mahal, rooftop, sultan mahal, swimming pool deck etc.


‘A MORE THAN PERFECT WEDDING’.This venue is the royal palace to set in a destination wedding. Actually, it gives out the look of Havellis and the Rajputana look. Every nook and corner of this palace exhumes the royalty and stands out one of the best in Jaipur. It has a wide area to set-in a number of people, an approximate rate is 400 and has in-house multi catering service. And stand-out for the world-class hospitality  and consummate it with lavish lawns and atmosphere.


‘IT’S ALL ABOUT LUXURY’. This palace charges a very budgetary rate to set-in your wedding. This is one of the affordable palaces in  Jaipur. It is very much exceptional in hospitality and service. It creates a mix of both indoor and outdoor events where the event can go in one swing with all the needed resources. They have the skills to create an event in an artistic style with lattice work especially in the lobby. They follow the Rajasthan legacies and dishes as it gives a regal effect to the client, and the cook staff is also incredible in their way. They are very much royal in their food and beverages. They are authentic.


‘GRANDEUR AT IT’S BEST’.  This palace can take up your event on a minimal budget. When it is your wedding and you don't want too much of a fuss, you can directly speak up to this palace, They also look up to your problems and conclude it in an outlandish and minimal budget. You can state your own ideas and demands for your wedding to them, they plan it in a way so that they can include both the parties ideas and demands, so none of us feels dull about the completion of an event. It assures you with high-standard amenities and arranges you with the decoration management as well, which costs a very least from you.


‘THE NAME IS ENOUGH’. This is an extravagant palace for you to hitch a knot. It has a capacity to cover around 1500 people and can organize all the ceremonies of the wedding, comfortably. This has two areas to style-up your wedding- banquet hall and ballroom. You can occupy these areas for pre and post wedding rituals and can host a reception, respectively. It has centralized fountains and ponds to style it as a romantic and fictional.


‘LUXURY REDEFINED’. This has a very bright and sunny interior inside and looks very grandeur, when lights fall over. It has sprawling gardens and stunning interiors and the lights serve as a backdrop for the mandap. The venus is quite scheduled and private for the wedding purposes and serves the opulent amenities and lodgings.

Above are some of the exotic wedding destinations located in Rajasthan, Let us know what excites and creates a of feeling of interest. 

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