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 In today’s time, where the mission is ‘Stay home but stand together’, we all have realized that even though the world has stopped, we need to grow ourselves. Where the dynamics of the world have changed, many things have become available online. So this raises the question: why aren't seminars available online? A seminar according to Google is a meeting for same-minded people in which working methods, etc. are taught or discussed. Nowadays these events have shifted to online and are known as Virtual Events.

Virtual Events can be of many kinds, from business related to some activity, from interactive sessions to informative sessions. If you think you possess some unique talent or information which can help people, you should put up a show. And to help you with that, I am going to suggest the best virtual platforms which will not only help you with the platform but also marketing, sponsoring, etc.

Puaerte Visual 

Puaerte Visual

They are event organisers which convert customer engagement into business. They focus on efficient communication and interactivity. They use AI and virtual reality to create concepts that would help brands showcase their products virtually. There “DIY” Virtual Event Platform let’s you:-

Host multiple virtual events independently with various customizations

Multiple features to toggle from as per organisers requirement

Personal Dashboard for auto Generated Email 

Dashboard to Create/ Edit Event Details,

Add bulk user data Features and Analytics-

Social Lounge, Photobooth, Gamification, Leaderboard, Live Streaming, User Journey, Data Analytics 3d Design Templates For Various Virtual Environments and many more. For more information, go to their website


This is a virtual platform that says itself as a ‘One-stop Solution for Online Event’. They have categorized many kinds of events from video conferences to award shows. They have made an app where all you have to do is register with the event. The hassle-free registration with the customized platform makes you the boss of the event without stressing too much about the event. Not only that, they have recently updated their app in which they have started broadcasting all the events organized by them. They have created 500+ trusted customer clientele which includes Times of India, Purdue University, etc.  Live Q&A, easy sharing of business cards, feedback forms, and other such interactive features make this app a user-friendly and most used app for event management. Their website link is



When the seminars used to be offline, it was a hectic and time-consuming process because one needs to stand in line for the ticket, etc. But in online events, this is more time-consuming because if many people log in at the same time, the traffic increases that make the app or site slow and frustrates us. So looking upon this issue, Airmeet has come up with an impressive solution in which they say ‘5 min easy login’. And not only the login easy but the features like live streaming on other social media apps, access to share the screen, speed networking which connects the people all around, and many such features make this app ‘a must-use. Their website link is



It is India's first Do-It-Yourself Virtual event platform where you can create and host the whole show within 2 hours. Not only does it provide the features like other platforms, but also has cloud-based analytics which helps you to understand the traffic of your event. It also has an option to create a different kind of registration entries; on the spot, beforehand, and validated.  Also, they provide end-to-end design support to help conceptualize and execute your vision. This kind of customizable feature helps you to analyze and makes this platform user-friendly, quick to understand, and an instant event planner. 



ON24 provides a leading cloud-based digital experience platform that makes it easy to create, scale, and personalize engaging experiences to drive measurable business growth. Through interactive webinars, virtual events, and always-on multimedia experiences, ON24 provides a system of engagement, powered by AI, which enables businesses to scale engagement, conversions, and pipelines to drive revenue growth. From Technology to Life Sciences to Manufacturing, ON24 has a solution for every business. Constant 24*7 customer service and data driving company, this company can help you reach heights where you can’t even imagine. Not only you can access its virtual event, but also its other products like ON24. 



This company creates engaging and immersive experiences for your attendees in minutes. They provide 100+ templates to choose from and provide interactive booths which help your sponsors to increase their ROI. They have made their interface more interactive through Q&A, polling systems, and also through AI Powered matchmaking. With features like intuitive backstage which gives you the option to change between live sessions to pre-recorded videos. This platform also helps you analyze your event through real data analytics tools. Most of the time, due to technical issues, people leave the session in between. They make sure that nothing of this sort happens. This platform makes the access and handling of the event easy and simple which helps in better coordination.



Your first impression is your last impression. Everyone has heard that but sometimes don’t we all forget? Well don’t worry, this platform will make your first impression vivid and remarkable. Your event’s first impression will be your registration desk which offers an intuitive registration experience that boosts event attendance. Not only this platform asks the kind of event you are hosting or in what kind of industry you are presenting but also your goals towards the event which means you can choose what kind of activities you want your event to hold. 

Before selecting any platform, each platform has the option to be used as a demo. Use this feature and decide what’s best for your needs and embark upon the beautiful journey.


Above are some of the best virtual trade shows.

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