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The 21st century has been the era of advancements. Every sector has seen considerable progress through the use of technology and innovation. In this fast-paced environment, finding the ways for effective management has been the prime focus. Every year, you may have noticed a change in the lifestyle of a population. An essential change that has been widely effective is the increased usage of virtual communication.

Innumerable agencies that focus on this tool as a strategy to make money have come up. Hybrid event companies that manage events such as birthdays, business and commercial events, speeches are popular in recent times.

To set up an event in Dubai using virtual communication as a chief element, discussed below is a list of event management companies in Dubai. These companies provide 3d virtual event platforms to carry out the event effectively.

1. Emerald Events and Exhibitions

Located in the Churchill towers, this Dubai-based event management company is known for its trustworthy work. A reliable company by reputation, Emerald has a wide range of experience at handling events such as birthdays, speeches, and commercial events. The company works in alignment with its clients at all stages from the start till the end.

Working timings: 9 am to 7 pm

Fridays and Saturdays Closed.
2. Max events

Another event production company in Dubai located in Churchill Towers, Max events is a well-renowned agency in Dubai. Known for their expertise in award functions, speeches, and business-type event management, Max events are known for their neat management. As a client, all you need to do is inform your event schedule them. Thereafter, the team at Max events manages themselves in the best possible expected manner.

Working timings: 9 am to 6 pm

Fridays and Saturdays Closed.
3. Show force

An award-winning event production company in Dubai with over 25 years of experience, Show force is the first company you should seek for any major level events. To prove their expertise and hands-on experience, the company has managed the Grand Prix at Abu Dhabi, Dubai International Film Festival, and much more.

The company focuses on catering to the needs of the clients and fulfilling the purpose of the event. This has made the company a top name among the listed companies. Show force has also managed the complete celebrations of the 45th National day of the UAE.

The team of the company consists of many experts: electricians, riggers, carpenters, technicians, and many more. It is located in the Concord Tower, Dubai media city.

Working timings: 9 am to 6 pm

Fridays and Saturdays Closed.
4. Innovation Dynamics

Innovation Dynamics is an established name in the field of event production companies in Dubai. It was first established as a multi-dimensional event management firm in Dubai. The aim of the company is to provide the client a true return on his investment.

Innovation Dynamics has a professionally trained staff that maintains a smooth flow from idea to action and till the completion of execution. The team of skilled professionals provides a number of services such as Virtual events, Digital media, and projects such as interior works, and Kiosk displays.
5. AND Event Management
When organizing an event, it is important to add a customized touch. A personal touch added for better selectivity could be a great way to enhance your event. They are known for all types of event management and organization. It is located at the Al-Abbas Building.

For any requirements related to show creation such as concerts, birthday parties, and a lot more, AND event production company in Dubai is the go-to option.

Working timings: 10 am to 6:30 pm
6. Entourage Event Management Company

Another well-renowned multi-dimensional firm, the Entourage event management company has a wide network. Its services are spread across the Middle east region. One of the major events that were conducted under this company is the Nobel Museum campaign organized at Burj Khalifa. The firm works in a way that uplifts your brand image. Some of the clients that Entourage has worked with are coca-cola, Google, Unilever, Snapchat, and Mercedes Benz.
7. Global Event Management (GEM)

GEM, as the name says, is a well-established event management firm. The branches of the firm are situated in Abu Dhabi, Doha, and London.

The experience list of GEM has quite a few notable events such as concerts, weddings, birthdays. The events managed by the firm consist of the World CEO Forum. Alongside event management, the firm is also dedicated to social media marketing campaigns.
8. Marcoms

A leading virtual event management company, Marcoms is a renowned event management firm. With a slightly different style of working, the firm prepares a proposal for the event after you reveal your schedule. The company is known for its rate of working and optimum results. Some features that Marcoms guarantees are timely and smooth finish, lesser hassles and
9. Mosaic Live

With over 12 years of experience, Mosaic Live is the right agency for corporate events. The firm has successfully managed several large-scale public events. One can choose them for any corporate type of event management. It also helps to create an improved brand value for your business.
10. Global Experience Specialists (GES)

The Global Experience Specialists (GES) are a team of technicians, directors, managers, and other professionals who create picture-perfect events. To have a smooth and timely flow of the event, the GES looks after the proper collaboration of various segments. Unlike other companies, GES has a wide scope.

The need for better products and improved processes has led to revolutionary changes in the present era. A number of tools have been upgraded and the benefits of these tools have been significantly observed in various sectors. Of all these advancements, the rise of virtual events has led to immense progress.

Businesses such as virtual event management have become effective mediums of commercial interest. As the preference for virtual events takes over, hybrid event companies will continue to flourish. If future trends are looked at, there is a clear indication of the growing preference for hybrid events for better reach.


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