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Ready to tie the knot of life ? It sounds very exciting. Planning your wedding is enjoyable. All it takes is smart preparation. Planning duties and some wedding expertise becomes the need of the hour. Organise and enjoy the fairy tale wedding. Couples do get caught up all the time. Trust your gut and make the right choices. Spend on what’s important for you. Be yourself and make wise decisions. Be in your element. It’s your day, Go your way. Finding the right suppliers and sticking to the vision for the wedding. It must come out as a show by a planner if you are expecting a grand wedding.Sharing with you some of the wedding essential tips to keep you organized during a wedding.

Create that Priorities List - Planning a wedding is to create those priorities. One cannot go in any wrong direction if they know the right direction to follow. Isn’t it? Now that the weddings are extravagant. No more done like the earlier times. Both families of the bride and groom can sit over tea and discuss. Brainstorm and bring out the main highlights of the wedding. With priorities set earlier the planning will bloom and show the results. Finalize the Date - Decide the date. It is pretty important to do this at the beginning. This date will determine if the selected venue is available or not? Finalize the venues.

Set the budget right- Budget planning is on the top list. Repeating it again –Stick with the estimated budget. The budget set out is decided by both the families. Sit and decide on how to allocate different funds in different ways. Next step would be to fix an amount to each different event taking place. This step can make the whole process of organising the wedding smooth. Employ the budget making tactics and last minute chaos remains eliminated.

Keep the guest list short- Macro -weddings are famous. It is because of their extravagant dishes and a huge guest list. Prepare that guest list. Keep it short as much as possible. Very Important! The best thing would be to write those names in order. Later decide on the final guest list. If you feel the guest list is huge, You can always cut in on the guest list. Look for ideas for more of an intimate wedding. That’s how your work becomes easy. Comfort of guests at a wedding is super important.

Plan the meal plan with common logic- The most exciting part of planning a wedding is delicious meals. The guests love to eat and try to need food in a wedding. Opt for the most famous dishes. The local dishes that are usually loved by everyone. A wedding becomes a great one with an authentic choice of food. One cannot undermine the power of delicious meals.. Make a meal plan that suits the guests list. Plan it with utmost care with the vendors. Add meals that are new. Everyone loves new things.

Sending out Wedding Invitations- With a variety of options available, Look what’s best for you. Designing a wedding card or an invitation. After the major hit of pandemic- people prefer digital invitations as it is easier to send. A better creative way to indulge in extravagance. Wedding Invitations can take time to be finalized. The best bet would be to order it online. Design it as soon as there’s a sure shot wedding happening. Always opt to send these invitations through “Email” or “Whatsapp”. These two options are widely used by almost all. This way you can save a lot of time on your part. Use the time well to indulge in other parts of the planning.

themed Weddings-
Pick a theme. Stick with the same wedding for your wedding. The color or a specific type of custom is rich in this whole process. The act of incorporating themes will make the weddings look interconnected. The wedding pictures will stand out. Opt for a theme and make it look amazing. Do not miss planning a theme. This technique would make everyone in awe. Picking a theme for the wedding becomes a nice d├ęcor technique. This will allow you to think out of the box.

Select the experienced vendors-
Talk to different vendors. Compare the prices between various vendors is the key. to have a perfect list of vendors. Create a list of the vendors that you trust. Segregate them once the list seems ready. Let one vendor lead you to another as they know better. This will save time. Get the best of the desired fields vendors. Employ the most trusted experts. Explore all the food options. Taste and select on the final food menu.

Accommodation and Venue Selection-
There will be a lot of Guests because it is a wedding. The comfort of the guests becomes super important. Look out for hassle –free ways to make guests feel at home. The accommodation becomes an important part of the wedding. It requires you to stay and enjoy the wedding. Making arrangements becomes necessary if the venue desired gets booked. Special meals and staying with the guests is a must.

Have a back-up plan-
There are too many ifs in the wedding. We would also like to wish that everything goes well with the plan. Laid out plan is on the priority list. If that special vendor backed out or the wedding dress went missing. What’s the back up? – Definitely-Don’t cry and crib. Set and opt out- option B. Set aside some time. Plan things for backup and sudden jolt of uncertain events. If a sudden disaster comes up. You have an army and are ready to face it.Above are some of the tips that will make your wedding preparation easier. Lastly, Have patience and celebrate life. Everything will workout in your favour.It does not matter where you started.Make your own rules. Tick to it. No matter what, Have your own back.Couples stress a lot. This make them look dull and boring in their own wedding.Cheers!

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