How to Recover Lost Data from Hard Disk?

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 The hard disk is like a treasure and plays important role in our day-to-day life. It includes all crucial data such as, Images, Video, Music, Document, etc. Imagine, If you formatted your hard drive mistakenly and you have no any idea, How to recover lost data from hard disk?


Then, what will you do?


Unfortunately! You will cry or hitting the head on the wall.


No need to do such things. Here you can get a reliable solution for the same, which helps you to get your important data back into the system. This solution works on both situations like temporary deleted and Permanently deleted and here we mentioned data recovery from both situations.



Therefore, Now I am going to explain. If you follow all given instruction you can recover easily.



Methods to Recover Lost Data from Hard Disk


Here we have two kind of method. Which is helps to recover data in different-different situations.



Types of the method to recover lost data from hard disk


1. Manual method(Recover temporary deleted data)

2. Software method(Recover permanently deleted data)



Manual method:


In this method, we will use the recycle bin to retrieve all deleted data. Because after deleted data, it goes into recycle bin. When from we can recover simply. So, follow all steps properly without missing any steps. In this method, you don't need to use any software.


Follow the all given steps one by one to recover lost data:


Step 1: Open the recycle bin and find the deleted files. After finding deleted data, right-click on this data which is you want to retrieve. Then will be open options.


Step 2: After that, click on the restore option.


Step 3:  Now you can see, data have stored on the previous destination. Likewise, you can recover easily.


Software method:


In this method, we will use SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery Software to regain all permanently deleted data. For your information, This software is data recovery software. Which is helps to recover and save to permanently deleted data. It is very useful and it has understand able interface. This software provides two types of options(scan and formatted scan). Scan option use for recover temporary deleted data and formatted scan option use for permanently deleted data.


Therefore if you want to use this reliable software. You can download a demo version in free as a test.  After use demo version you can purchase full version of the software. For run the software, Just need download and launch the software on the system.


This software, which types of data can recover:


1. Virus-infected

2. Corrupted data

3. Software failure

4. Sudden power failure

5. Disk failure







Follow the all given steps one by one properly. They are as following:



Step 1: Go to start >> Open the software (SysTools Data Recovery Software).

Step 2:  You can see here are two options for recover deleted data. But now we should use formatted scan option. Because we are going to recover permanently deleted data.

  Step 3: After the complete scan, result exposes as following:


Step 4: Search Option is also provided to search for an essential file. You can search the desired file by the search box.


Step 5: Select the From and To option for date filter.

Step 6: After complete search. Then Search result will be shown.


List Features of SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery Software


1. Hard disk data recovery.

2. Support NTFS and FAT recovery.

3. Recovery permanently deleted data

4. Recovery temporary deleted data

5. Formatted Hard drive recovery

6. Choose a location to save recover data

7. A quick scan and recover data

8. Recover selected data

9. Recover deleted data from computer


Now I am going to explain some features to understand properly. They are as following:


Hard disk data recovery:


This software can regain all deleted data from hard disk. We use the hard disk as storage. Where we store all our crucial data. If you lost data from hard drive then you can use this software to recover all important data. 


Support NTFS and FAT recovery:


NTFS and FAT is both file system. Which use before formatted, Whatever this software support both types of System file. So you can recover both types of formatted file.



Choose the location to save recover data:


After recover deleted data you can choose desire location for save.

 Recover selected data:


When you recover data, After recover data you will get various data on the software panel. So this software gives the select option, this option allow to choose desired data.



Similarly, you can recover to both kinds of deleted data. In this article, you can get a solution with proper guidelines. Retrieve all your crucial data successfully and enjoy your life without any panic.



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