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Adaaran Prestige Vadoo

The famous Maldives Luxury Resorts Adaaran Prestige Vadoo is where time stops and the voice of the Indian Ocean welcomes you to her shores. Adaaran Prestige Vadoo is a five-star Maldives Island resort that has been recognised as the World's Leading Water Villa Retreat at the World Travel Awards in 2010. The enticing lushness of the surroundings is the only thing that compares to the list of luxuries that are waiting for you at our Maldives Island resort.

About the hospitality and services offered here:

A personal butler who is familiar with the island's ins and outs welcomes visitors with a fruity drink and shows them to their water villa. Vadoo is one of the smallest island resorts in the Maldives, with 2.8 acres of dry land. In fact, due to a shortage of space, every room had to be constructed above the river. The resort boasts having the oldest water bungalow in the nation, which was built in the late 1980s and is now used as a small museum.

Features of the resort:

Two expensive restaurants, a spa, an outdoor pool, and two bars—one on the beach and the other located in a picturesque spot above the water—are the island's main attractions. The resort's construction incorporates palapa, bamboo, and hardwood roofs, giving it an eco-rustic appearance. A gorgeously designed garden in the island's middle is home to imported rabbits, turtles, and parakeets.


The setting is elegant and beautiful while still being informal. Many visitors wear fancy clothing for dinner but go barefoot during the day.

The servers will pull out your chair and set a cloth napkin in your lap in these posh establishments. East Asian couples and honeymooners make up the majority of the visitors.


One of the Maldives' most accessible resorts, Prestige Vadoo is only 10 minutes by speedboat from Male city and 15 minutes from the airport. The 2.8-acre island, which is situated in South Male Atoll, is quite walkable and simple to get around. The majority of the guest rooms have ocean views, however the views of the surrounding city of Male are less than ideal. At the middle of the island, there is an 86-person workforce.

About the rooms in the resort:

Water villas at the resort come in four different styles: Japanese, Honeymoon, Sunrise, and Sunset. Honeymoon Villas offer additional seclusion and have extra-large, bi-level decks, while all have the same opulent amenities. The only difference between the Sunrise and Sunset Villas is the view, and the Japanese Villas are decorated in a classic Japanese style. Lots of hardwood is used in the decor, including the flooring and some walls, as well as natural elements (thatched roofs, outside bamboo privacy fences, and woven-fibre privacy shades) (streamlined furniture, modern bedding). Each villa has a king bed (on a platform at floor level), a large bathroom, and a sizable deck, a plunge pool, and steps leading down to the lagoon. The bathroom has a connection to an outdoor jetted tub where visitors can relax while watching DVDs on a flat-screen TV. A complimentary bottle of champagne, minibar, tea kettle, bottled water, and Wi-Fi are included in every room.

Features of the resort:

Despite having a small island, Vadoo nonetheless has a wide variety of amenities available. A costly spa, a gorgeous garden, a dive shop, a basic fitness centre, and a decent oceanfront pool with drink service are some of the resort's highlights. For snorkelers and divers, a nearby reef that is accessible only by wading from the shore is another major draw. A daily fish feeding presentation gives viewers the chance to see aquatic life up close without getting wet. A gift shop, volleyball court, and a small museum are additional amenities (housed within the oldest water bungalow in the Maldives).

Services provided:

For those who are ready to spend more, there are many benefits accessible. In-room spa services, private beach dinners, and a variety of excursions—including fishing trips, Male sightseeing tours, and underwater dives—are all available to guests. Freebies include DVD rentals, in-room Wi-Fi, snorkelling equipment, and a dedicated butler who can take care of anything from bringing room service orders to preparing a hot bath. The beach bar hosts nightly dance parties, however they are usually somewhat intimate.

About the cuisine and food :

Bed-and-breakfast, half-board (breakfast and dinner), and all-inclusive dining are available as dining options (all meals and alcohol). The primary restaurant, Farivalhu, offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has both indoor and outdoor seating. The cuisine is quite good and includes anything from Pan-Asian cuisine to fresh seafood. Kitajima, a sushi bar-equipped Japanese restaurant, also offers dinner, but it's not all-inclusive. There are also evening barbecues available for a fee. The resort boasts two bars: the more upscale Kanduolhi Bar, which offers expansive ocean views, and the more laid-back beach bar. The all-inclusive plan might not include finer wines and spirits.


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