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Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is considered as the most beautiful Trek in India. As the name suggests, this trek is located in Kashmir. It is situated 75kms in Kashmir. The trek is a 7 day long trek that comes in a moderately difficult category. This trek is not meant for beginners who haven't tried trekking.

Kashmir is a beautiful place located in the North of India. It is also called "The Paradise on Earth". Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is the most beautiful Trek of North India as it exposes the vast meadows, snow covered mountain peaks and alpine Lakes of the Himalayan range. More than 2000 Alpine Lakes are present in Jammu and Kashmir, but many of them are not accessible due to some reasons. This fascinating journey starts at an elevation of 2700m above the sea level. The trek provides spectacular views of the surroundings from the start itself.

Highlights of Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

The Kashmir Lake Trek has become one of the most coveted treks by trekkers. The best time to go on this trek is the monsoon season. This is a 7 day long trek that gives one even more reason to call Kashmir as "The Paradise on Earth ".  A distance of 75kms is covered during this trek. Fascinating alpine Lakes,  meadows and tiny wildflowers can be seen everywhere during the trek. Locals call this trek as Jannat-e-Kashmir.

Each day of the trek will lead you to many picturesque views of nature.  Many postcard-perfect alpine Lakes and many more. The Lakes look even prettier when the snow patches cover the Lakes. You'll get to see a variety of meadows on this trek. These meadows are found in many different shapes and sizes.

This trek consists of not just one but 7 Alpine Lakes in Kashmir. Each day trekkers get to visit one Lake. The campsites are located on such places from where the trekkers can enjoy the picturesque views of the Valley. They are set at such places where the trekkers are mesmerized and love to be there.

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek to a divine trip of the Paradise on Earth. This trek takes you to the never before scenes of Kashmir. In this trek you'll trek across three high altitude passes, five river valley crossings, five river valley crossings and 7 Alpine Lakes. Every day of the trek takes you to a new verse of magnificence of nature. The endless blue sky, rugged mountains, meadows full of wildflowers are the stars of the trek.

Climbing to an altitude of 4,206m, this is almost a high altitude trek. Trekkers have to follow the trails that switch between ascends and descends and make the navigation easy. The only thing that makes the trek difficult is the distance to be covered. Everyday, trekkers have to cover at least 10kms to complete the trek in expected time. It sometimes becomes hard for trekkers to cover this. So, this trek is recommended for experienced trekkers. The trek is best for people who haven't yet tried trekking on the Himalayas. This trek can be a great start for such people.

The best time to go for this trek is from June to September, that is the monsoon season.

The trails

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is just not magnificent in the views but also straightforward for trekkers to navigate. The trails easily switch between ascent and descent all over the trek. A day in trekking this will take you ascending to a Lake and later to the campsite that's located descending on the opposite side of the mountain. The trails are not difficult to follow, and are quite easy to navigate. The weather is simply lovely during the monsoons, so it is quite easy to trek and the weather rarely turns bad.

Even if the trek is beautiful and the trails are easy to follow, the thing that makes the trek difficult is the distance to be covered in the trek. A distance of 70kms has to be covered in the span of 7 days. The trek altogether is beautiful but the distance makes it difficult to complete. Trekkers have to cover at least 10kms each day to complete the trek in time. Trekking for such a long distance on high altitudes makes it difficult. So, the trek isn't recommended for first timers or trekkers with less experience, but for experienced trekkers. You have to keep a special care of your health before the trek. Exercise has to be done daily at least from a month before the trek to have enough energy to travel this heavy distance. You need a good lung and leg capacity for this trek, so that you can cover the distance with ease.

So, what do you think, can you go up for this challenging yet magnificent trek of the Kashmir Great Lakes and explore the beauty of Kashmir? Do not just look at the difficulty of this trek, but also the beauty you'll get to see in this trek. The trek is going to be full of surprises and these surprises will be for sure worth it for the hard work you did to reach the Lakes in the trek.



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