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Name : Mixhubb
Abouts : Mixhubb is an easy to use 100% customizable online event platform, giving you the power to host 3D virtual events, your way. Book a Demo, Now!
Address : Los Angeles
1920 Hillhurst Ave # 1119 Los Angeles
CA 90027
Phone Number : India: +917073055511
Pricing : Free /Paid

Mixhubb is a robust 3D self managed, online event platform that empowers it’s users to host immersive as well as engaging virtual events of all types & sizes. With its quick and easy setup, you get the power to build, create, manage and deliver a full scale event virtually, with the ability to 100% customize your event, as you like. Its advanced & futuristic high-end networking solutions allow the attendees to interact, and make impactful & meaningful connections. Mixhubb being a budget friendly platform allows event organizers to host all kinds of events online, conveniently with round the clock 24*7 support.

Mixhubb Free Trial Steps

1ST  Step

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 Name >> Registration



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 Name >> Verify your email ( OTP )

3ST  Step

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 Name >> Update Details



4ST  Step

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 Name >> General Intent

5ST  Step

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 Name >> Update Company Details

6ST  Step

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 Name >> Events Organization Details

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 Name >> Dashboard

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