How To Solve Arlo Camera Blinks Orange

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Camera Blinks Orange

A blinking amber LED indicates that the SmartHub Arlo camera is out of reach. It might be due to a limited range or interference in this case. Streaming will not be possible if your cameras do not function. The Arlo Blinking Orange issue appears to be a common problem.


This screen covers how to fix Arlo cameras that are flashing orange.


Why Is My Arlo Camera Blinking Orange?



It is most likely a charging issue with the camera. Several other reasons cause the orange led lights on the device to blink apart from this primary one.


The orange light on a camera may indicate that the battery is running low. Its light turns amber as it nears the end of its charge.


It means whenever the battery of the Arlo camera is getting low, there is an orange flash on the device. Consequently, you will need to charge the gadget and connect it to the wireless network of the base station.


Arlo orange LED typically continuously blinks when the battery is low or there is something wrong with the hardware.


What Does The Orange Light On Arlo Camera Mean?


Typically, it indicates a low shutter speed and a caution against camera shake. The LED lights on the cameras let you know if they are working. If you see a solid orange illumination on the device, it indicates that the Arlo camera is starting up.


If the cause of the problem is not related to your Arlo camera battery, the camera has got disconnected from the WiFi network.


Moreover, Arlo may also appear orange if the device has lost sync with the base station, so you should reconnect them. A fast flashing orange light marks this situation.


Another possible explanation for this orange flash is damaged hardware. Consult a technician for repair and proper maintenance.



Our discussion will exclude the above-mentioned reason because it relates to hardware.


Fixes For An Arlo Camera Blinking Orange:


Considering the limited number of fixed methods, we recommend not skipping any steps.


1.   Re-Insert The Camera Batteries:


Before trying any complex troubleshooting method, we suggest inserting the batteries again.


Taking this approach will allow you to remove the orange light indicator and connect the battery terminals fresh.


     Demount the Arlo camera from the wall stand and remove the battery compartment cover. To remove the cover push the button on the battery compartment down.


     You can eject the batteries after removing the battery defensive straps. After 5 minutes, put the batteries back into their respective places. Now remount the appliance and test it.


Some users report that the Arlo camera does not work after this step. You might experience this if the batteries are placed incorrectly.


     If it is still blinking, verify the battery position and move on to the next solution.


2.   Charge The Smart Hub:


Low battery levels might not allow you to repair your camera by simply reinserting the batteries.


If the batteries are at the fault behind the orange light blinking, we suggest recharging them using the charger.


You can change your Arlo Camera by following the steps down below:


     As you did before, eject the camera in the same manner from the wall stand.


     Take off the USB Cover on the bottom of the camera.


     Connect a USB cable to the charger plugged into the wall outlet.


     Attach the other end of the USB Cable to the bottom of the Arlo Camera.


     Let the camera be charged for at least 30 seconds.


     It might take longer than expected to fill your phone if you haven't plugged it in recently.


3.   Resyncing The Base Station:


Occasionally, fixing the orange light on your Arlo camera isn't as simple as charging it. Sync problems with your camera or Wi-Fi problems may also cause it to blink orange.



This would occur frequently if your device loses connection to the Arlo base station Error or is not currently synchronizing.


Syncing the camera back to the base station via its Sync Button proves a better way to this problem.


With the Arlo mobile app, you can track Arlo's progress. If you still haven't figured out why your Arlo camera is blinking orange”,?“, it is probably time for a factory reset.


4.   Reset The Arlo Camera:


Next, hold down the Sync Button on the Arlo camera, to restore the connection with the base station, 


Hopefully, that would resolve any camera connectivity issues with the applications. Consequently, it might also solve the orange blinking light problem.


To reset your Arlo camera, simply follow the steps below:


     In the mobile Arlo app, open Settings.

     Choose My Devices in the Settings menu.

     Select the camera name from the list.

     Next, tap on the option to Remove the Device.

     Next, confirm the removal and visit the Devices page again.

     On that page, click on Add Device.

     Follow the on-screen instructions after selecting the device name.



5.   Replace The Camera Batteries:


Are the orange blinking lights on the Arlo camera still present? It is time to change the batteries inside the camera. A single Arlo camera battery lasts about 3 to 6 months if used regularly. The chances of them being dead are high unless you have replaced them recently.


The Bottom Line:


That's it all for this troubleshooting guide about the Arlo Blinks Orange Light. You can inform us in the comment box which of the above methods worked for you.


For many more Arlo camera solutions, please visit our blog.


If you cannot resolve the issue with these solutions, consult an expert. Experts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will get the perfect solutions for Arlo Camera And Orange Light Issue.







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