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 Renting chairs and tables for events has become increasingly popular. Depending on one's budget and requirements, there is a selection of high-quality chairs and tables to make the event successful.



The demand for renting party tables and chairs is steadily increasing as people look for ways to save money on events and gatherings. Depending on the size of the event, renting tables and chairs can be a much more cost-effective option than purchasing them. You can find a variety of sizes, styles, and materials to choose from, so you can find the perfect solution for your event.


Whether for a wedding or get-together, renting party tables and chairs is the ideal solution to provide your guests with comfort and style while keeping your costs low. There are a whole lot of benefits associated with renting tables and chairs for events. It provides an easy, stress-free option for seating and reduces the amount of time and effort needed to set up and tear down. Additionally, it saves storage space, as the rental company will often pick up the items after the event.


Here are some elegant table and chair rentals you can consider for your next event:


White Farm Tables:


White farm tables for rent in Santa Barbara provide an aesthetically pleasing addition to any event. These tables are premium grade, perfect for outdoor events, and can seat up to 8 to 10 guests. This table can be a great way to bring the beauty of the outdoors indoors without needing any linens.


White farm tables are wide at 40 inches, providing plenty of space for guests to enjoy their meals comfortably. The width also allows people to easily move around the table without bumping into each other. One can consider these rentals for a more modern or contemporary look for their wedding day or special event.


Consider the following package:


l  96” x 40” Tabletop

l  Matches Any Chair

l  No Tablecloth is Needed


Rustic Farm Tables:


Rustic farm table rentals are apt for an outdoor wedding or special event with a more rural or country feel. Go for that extra something special and create a look that your guests will be talking about long after the event. Each table can seat up to ten people, providing enough seating for even the largest of weddings. With 40 inches of width, these tables offer plenty of room for plates, glasses, and other items necessary for a celebration. Furthermore, these tables go well with formal and casual decor and are sturdy enough to support even the most creative centerpieces.


Consider the following package:


l  Beautiful antique finish

l  96" x 40" Tabletop

l  All Wood/Farmhouse Table

l  Matching Vineyard Chairs

l  ΓΌ Matching Louis Side Chairs and Cane Back Chairs


60 Inch Half Round Table:


Sweetheart Table Rental is a great candidate for your wedding or special event. You can bring a romantic, timeless feel to your event with the classic combination of wood and farmhouse table design, matching vineyard chairs, matching Louis side chairs and cane back chairs, and 60 inch half-round table. This table allows you to comfortably accommodate up to 8 people, making it an excellent fit for smaller weddings, cocktail events, showers, anniversaries, or any special event.



Consider the following package:


l  60" Half Round Table

l  Seats up to 4 on the round side

l  As Sweetheart, it seats 2 on the flat side.

l  Use with a 108" or 120" round linen


French Louis Side Chairs:


These French Louis Side Chairs offer a vineyard-inspired look that's perfect for an elegant dining room. One can find them upholstered in a beautiful damask or striped fabric, complete with detailed carvings on their backs. These chairs are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your home. Not only do these premium French chairs feature a timeless look, but they also offer maximum comfort, ensuring that you and your guests can enjoy a leisurely evening of dining and conversation. The wood and warm design elements create a friendly, inviting atmosphere that you and your guests will love.



Consider the following package:


l  French Louis side chairs

l  Dark vintage oak finish

l  Matches Cross Back Chairs & Folding Fruitwood Chairs

l  Premium "Vineyard" Look

l  Comfortable & Stylish Chair


White Louis Chairs:


White Louis chairs are French-style chairs that mimic the look and feel of a classic vintage chair. This chair rental is ideal for small spaces and outdoor events, as it folds up neatly and easily for storage or transport. Indicative of 18th-century French decor, this replica of the Louis XVI chair can be a stunning addition to any wedding or special event. By adding to the atmosphere of a space, these chairs can make guests feel as if they've been transported to the luxury of French nobility. So, rent chairs from a reputable party rental company and add charm to your next event.


Consider the following package:


l  White Louis Chairs

l  French Style Side Chairs

l  White Vinyl With White Frame

l  Matches Any White Chairs

l  Comfortable & Stylist


Fruitwood Folding Chairs:


These are beautiful wooden chairs with a tan padded seat. These wooden folding chairs are an upgrade to any dining area or gathering room and are perfect for creating an elegant, timeless atmosphere. The fruitwood folding chairs require special care to ensure the longevity of the furniture. As a ceremony chair, these chairs are sure to bring comfort and style to any wedding or event.



Consider the following package:


l  Fruitwood Chairs

l  Tan Vinyl Padded Seat

l  18 x 17.5 x 30.8 inches


More such chair and table rentals are available in various sizes and colors. Depending on the requirements and budget, you can choose from a selection of quality chairs and tables to suit your event.


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