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If you want to have the best experience when downloading your MP3 music, we show you everything about Tubidy MP3 and other alternatives that work this year that you cannot ignore.

Over time, several alternatives have appeared to download music in MP3 format like Tubidy.

If you are from the millennial generation, you will fondly remember Ares, and many more alternatives that have appeared, including Tubidy MP3.

Through these applications and websites you have everything you need so that you can listen to all your music through these platforms.

It is important to show the reader that a large part of the content found in Tubidy app and the rest of the platforms shown is not copyrighted.

Therefore, we do not recommend their use, the only person responsible for using them is the user himself.


MP3 music Free download sites

Tubidy search engine

Tubidy site is popularly know as Tubidy search engine for musiyand video search.

Tubidy also features Tubidy too searches like the billboard top chart where you can see trending, most searched songs on the search engine.

Tubidy mobile search engine is know for its free music and video download and streaming and no ad experience on the platform.

You can download MP3 and MP4 songs on Tubidy or videos of all formats. Tubidy converts uploaded songs and videos to different formats for users to download as they prefer.


Amazon mp3

Amazon music is one of the best ways you can get your favorite songs using the platform.

in addition to offering covers made with the lyrics of their creators, the platform allows you to listen to your music just like the Tubidy platform and apps, but the good thing about this type of option is that it gives you everything you need so that you can download all kinds of original music through its search engine.

Thus, it provides you with all the ease so that you can find any type of song that you want to obtain and at the same time you can download, for a cost, since to acquire a song within the page, you must pay for it.



If you want to share your music and at the same time search for other artists and be able to get covers on a platform that can be free, NoiseTrade may be the best option you can consider having.

The NoiseTrade website is more focused for independent musicians who want to make their talent known through singing, which is quite good for you to listen and explore other horizons of music.



PureVolume is a platform very similar to NoiseTrade, since it is more than anything else so that independent artists can also share their music and at the same time so that others can have opinions about it.

It also gives you the option to vote on the song and say if the song is good or not, at the same time so you can download the song of the artist you want, and best of all, the page is totally free, so you can navigate and use it without any problem


8 tracks

8 tracks is a platform that offers you a large library so that you can have streaming radio in its different genres so that you can listen at any time.

Since it is one of the most popular websites, where you can find your songs to play within the platform officially.

Like Tubidy mp3, it is a completely free platform, where you can play any type of music you want, as well as search instantly, quickly and easily, just by having a device with internet.


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