6 Powerful SMS Templates for Your Christmas Marketing Campaign in 2022-23

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Christmas Marketing Campaign

Although one of the most joyous occasions of the year, Christmas can also be very stressful. Particularly to those who frequently put off starting their Christmas preparations until the last minute.


We're going to assume that because you're reading this, you're not one of them. When the competition is this intense, planning your SMS service campaigns early enough may make all the difference for your company and position you for the forthcoming Christmas season.


Without further ado, let's look at some marketing suggestions and Christmas SMS templates you can quickly adapt to your company's needs to spread holiday pleasure to your subscribers this year.

SMS marketing strategies for the holiday season


Express seasonal pleasantries

Although it may seem apparent, many companies tend to forget that Christmas shouldn't only be a time for shopping.


Unavoidable advertising messages are sent during one of the biggest shopping days of the year. However, it's equally crucial to express to your SMS subscribers how much you cherish the relationship you've built with them.


A straightforward Merry Christmas SMS service greeting may serve this function well, make you seem more approachable, and build your relationship with the consumer going forward.


Offer a present with each purchase

Christmas is also a time for gifts, whether we like it or not. More is always better, right?


As a result, including a little gift with every transaction might help you sell more products while also enhancing client happiness and making them feel special.


The quickest approach to inform your subscribers of such an opportunity and persuade them to think about placing an order is by sending them an SMS service. Free things are always appreciated, and they may be the final push in the correct direction, no matter how modest.


Get ideas from Christmas gift lists

Holiday gift suggestions are a fantastic way to relieve some of the pressure on buyers. Making ideas can assist them in making a choice if they don't already have one in mind. Additionally encouraging customers to purchase such things from your business.


You may divide them into many holiday texts and construct several Christmas gift recommendations targeted at various audiences (for example, Christmas presents for parents, gifts for significant others, gifts for children, etc.).


By doing this, your subscribers will have the opportunity to browse your store fast just by following, which will cut down on the steps they need to do and make present shopping more convenient.


Being invited to take part in a holiday tournament

Good contests are always enjoyable. They are also fantastic since contests may result in some good advantages for both parties.


For the participants, it's a chance to win, also known as receiving anything gratis from the company they admire.


For brands, it's an opportunity to enhance audience size, visibility, and consumer interaction.


You may lead your subscribers to your social media accounts, for example, by adding a pertinent link in your SMS service. or you can let them enter the contest right away ("Text to enter"). This may increase channel traffic for you.


Here are a few examples of Christmas competition ideas to get you started:


     Competition for the worst Christmas sweater

     Post pictures of your most inventive Christmas trees or other holiday decorations.

     Share a humorous accident you had over the holiday season.

     Please share some of your favourite Christmas dishes.


Text yourself a treat

Offer your SMS subscribers the chance to take a break from the holiday bustle and stop worrying so much about what to give others and treat themselves first.


This might include sharing pertinent and useful material, such as relaxation suggestions or ideas, or it can include advertising messaging.


maybe make a purchase of something they've always wanted. You also happen to have anything in your shop.


Extend a sale to accommodate last-minute buyers

There are always some that begin their Christmas preparations only a few days beforehand. And that's okay because you can still make a sale or two by focusing on the people who waited until now since the bulk of people have already finished their holiday shopping.


You may utilize FOMO or desperation to persuade last-minute buyers to take action (the fear of missing out). Send subscribers a holiday text message announcing the end of promotions and providing the precise time frame during which they may still take advantage of your sales. So that customers may simply check out your deals, including the link to the sales page.

6 Powerful Templates for your Christmas marketing campaign

Template 1: Broad advertising

Tom, the holiday season is quickly approaching! With 20% off all of our scarves and gloves this winter, make sure your loved ones are warm and comfortable. Buy now: [store URL]


Template 2: Package deals

15% off any Instant Camera lets you get a head start on your Christmas gift-giving! You'll also receive a second package of film for half off this week. Go to the shop: [store URL]


Template 3: Time-sensitive offers

Worry on, worry on! Use the promo code MERRY25 to receive a $25 discount on any orders over $150 during our recent pre-Christmas sale. Buy till 12:05: [store URL]


Template 4: Give one out for free

The most delightful time of the year is upon us, almost! Buy one pair of socks and receive the second pair for free to start saving for the holidays! Come by today: [store URL]


Template 5: Shipping is free

Buy a lot of cookies for the holidays! If you are one among the first 500 purchasers, we will send them for FREE to your door! Let's go on: [store URL}


Template 6: Click-and-collect offer

Avoid the crowds over the holidays! Use code BLITZ5 to receive $5 off your first order when you buy online and pick up in any of our shops! Check out [store URL]


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