5 Ways to Prevent Your Mobile Phone from Getting Wet (In Various Situations)

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5 Ways to Prevent Your Mobile Phone from Getting Wet (In Various Situations)

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Electronic gadgets are among the most fragile and sensitive things in the world. Once your mobile phone is newly bought, you are extremely careful that they do not fall or get hit. You do not even want them to get dusted and dirtied. They are extra precious and dear because besides the fact that they are valuables, they are not cheap in price.


It gives you a headache and a heartbreak when they get broken or when they get dropped to the floor at least. It’s like you got punched in the core. It makes you want to turn back time and wish it did not slip from your hand or wish you could catch it. For real, it’s annoying, especially if you have been doing your best for it to last long.


There really are many risks that can put your mobile phone close to danger, but there’s more, honestly. One thing you might be forgetting is how water can greatly damage it. The effect is more critical and uncertain because when the phone drops to the floor, you can immediately see if there’s a crack or none, but if water gets into your phone, you can see the out-turns later or in the long run. Water can enter even the thinnest spaces, so it’s really one of mobile phone’s biggest enemies.


Here are 5 ways to prevent your mobile phone from getting wet. The list considers various situations, so take a look, and get the important tips without worry.

1 - Use a waterproof pouch during beach trips.

Holiday getaways that include swimming and beach trips cannot be not captured in photos and videos. Keeping memories frozen in photos and saved (hopefully) forever can be done with your mobile phone. It’s every traveler’s must!


While it’s totally fun, it’s also risky to take your important gadgets over water surfaces and more so under them. You will never know when mishaps could happen. Furthermore, seawater is very much different from plain water, drinking water or tap water. Seawater has properties that can instantly damage your mobile phone once it gets to penetrate it.


To safeguard your mobile phone from water, especially seawater, during beach trips, buy and use a waterproof pouch for it. Choose the one that perfectly caters to the size and model of your mobile phone. Once you are about to use it, make sure that it’s completely sealed and locked before moving.


You must test it out at home first to ensure that there are no holes or cuts on the transparent cell phone pouch. Make it a habit to check your phone and the pouch from time to time, too, just to be safe. 

2 - Avoid using it while inside the bathroom. 

Some people are habituated to bringing their mobile phones to the comfort room. They play music while showering. Some use social media to kill boredom, they say. However, it’s not really advisable if you want to keep your gadgets apart from water and its possibly harmful effects.


Avoid using your mobile phone while you are inside the bathroom. Even when you are already used to it and doing it for a long time, you cannot really foresee misfortunes ahead, especially if you are way too complacent and careless.


Bringing it with you to the bathroom also brings it close to the dangers of getting accidentally splashed with water and of accidentally falling to the floor or to the bucket of water. For real, you are going to regret it if you are overly unconcerned.     

3 - Use it with dry hands.

There are times when you cannot avoid using your mobile phone with moist fingers, particularly when you are in a hurry or when you are multitasking. But as much as possible, use it with dry hands. Wipe your hands first before picking up and tapping or pressing on your gadget. It can lower the good appearance of your mobile phone, but worse, you might not notice that some important ports get wet through your hands.

4 - Don’t place it together with liquids inside your bag.

Whenever you put your mobile phone inside a pouch or a bag, place it securely, ascertaining that it will really be shielded in it as it should be. For instance, your wallet gets smudged with your liquid lip gloss because you failed to tightly cap the lipstick on. You will be so annoyed when such a thing happens. Something like that can happen to your mobile phone, too, if you are not mindful.


Do not place your mobile phone together with liquids inside your bag. Put it in a smaller pouch to be kept inside the bag, or store it in the bag’s interior pocket. If your bag has a divider of portions inside, then that’s better. You can effortlessly separate your mobile phone and the liquid objects to prevent them from making contact with each other.  

5 - Put it on a high isolated area when charging.

Charging your phone is simple, but you have to be smart when doing so, too. Why? Again, you will never know when mischances will arise.


Put your mobile phone on a high isolated area when charging. If you place it around other stuff, specifically those with liquids or that may produce moisture, it can get wet once those bottles unexpectedly get dropped and opened, and they cause spills.


The safer the area around your charging mobile phone is, the farther it will be from the crisis.



Contact with water will not really be a big problem if your mobile phone is waterproof. Well, even those that are resistant to water have specific limitations, like they can only go as deep as a certain depth. And for those that have no water-safe properties, of course, you must keep them away from any source of water or other liquids. 


The tips above have just guided you as you use and protect your mobile phone from the harms of getting wet and eventually damaged. For all your important gadgets, take note of the same, too.


Enjoy using your mobile phone that will last for a long time because you are looking after it nicely and properly!



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for GetdGet, an international mobile online shopping site based in Sydney, Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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