CHEQ Essentials: Blocking Invalid Traffic and Click Fraud

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CHEQ Essentials

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CHEQ Essentials
CHEQ Essentials, as it pertains to blocking invalid traffic and click fraud, likely refers to a basic package or set of features offered by CHEQ, an ad verification and ad fraud prevention company. In this context, CHEQ Essentials would likely include fundamental capabilities aimed at detecting and mitigating invalid traffic and click fraud within digital advertising campaigns. These capabilities may include: Traffic Filtering: Automatically filtering out suspicious or invalid traffic based on various criteria such as abnormal patterns, irregular behavior, and known fraudulent sources. Click Fraud Detection: Identifying and flagging instances of click fraud, where clicks on digital ads are artificially generated or manipulated to inflate performance metrics or drain advertising budgets. Real-Time Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of ad traffic and user interactions in real-time to promptly detect any anomalies or signs of fraudulent activity. Blocking Mechanisms: Implementing measures to block or mitigate the impact of invalid traffic and click fraud, such as blocking fraudulent IP addresses, devices, or users. Reporting and Analytics: Providing reports and insights on detected instances of invalid traffic and click fraud, including details on the sources, patterns, and potential impact on campaign performance. CHEQ Essentials would offer these essential functionalities to help advertisers and publishers safeguard their digital advertising investments by ensuring that their ads are viewed by genuine human audiences and not wasted on fraudulent or non-existent traffic.
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Core $149/m Billed annually Up to 5 protected websites Up to 100k yearly visits Protection for Google Ads, Facebook Ads & Microsoft Ads AI bot detection Pixel guard connector Advanced $249/m Billed annually Up to 30 protected websites Up to 100k yearly visits Everything in Core, plus: Multiple domain setup Agencies sharing permissions Agency account overview

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