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What is a visual configurator?

What is a visual configurator? A visual configurator is a kind of on-line device that allows clients to view merchandise and customise them primarily based on their non-public preferences. Many agencies can use visible product configurators to supply consumers with visible configurations of a variety of products.

#What is 3D configurator?

A 3D configurator is an utility that lets on-line customers personalize merchandise in actual time. Traditional eCommerce makes use of static, 2D pix to show products. A 3D configurator suggests a photorealistic 3D mannequin that can be manipulated to show up in distinct colors, materials, sizes, and styles.

#What are the different types of visual configurators?

Depending on what's first-rate for a particular kind of product, there are two fundamental sorts of visible product configurators that corporations can use: static 2D visuals and interactive 3D visuals. Both of these can provide clients a higher thinking of what a product will seem to be like prior to buying. However, there are some key variations between these two to hold in thought when finding out on the proper solution.

Static 2D Product Visualization

2D visible product configurators use an motionless flat photograph to signify a precise product. Unlike 3D product configuration software, customers will be unable to freely rotate the picture and view it in its entirety. On the different hand, they might also be capable to trade out a number of factors through clicking on a number buttons. These factors may additionally consist of colors, add-ons, materials, and different specifications.

Interactive 3D Product Visualization

3D visible product configurators grant customers with an interactive sketch that permits them to view a 360-degree illustration from each angle. These configurators produce utterly 3D photographs the usage of 3D fashions that are configurable based totally on client inputs. Users can alternate sure points as they would with 2D visualizations. One of the most famous makes use of for 3D product configurators is for furniture, as customers can see precisely how a personalized piece would appear in their domestic earlier than ordering it.

#What is visual configuration software?

If companies prefer to provide their clients the capacity to personalize their merchandise in digital representations, product configuration software program makes it easy. There are special sorts of visible product configurator software, such as 2D and 3D configurators, alongside with one of a kind structures that can use it.

Businesses should deploy product configuration software program on their web sites to enable clients to visualize merchandise proper from their store. They can additionally enable buyers to down load an app to their cellphone that makes use of augmented actuality to mission a 3D mannequin in their home. In some cases, digital truth headsets can additionally supply buyers the capacity to view merchandise in a digital putting for extra interactivity.

#What does visual configuration mean?

Visual product configuration is a way of customizing configurable merchandise the use of digital pics in place of bodily product samples. Through visible product configuration, potential clients can extrade positive alternatives which are to be had for lots of complicated merchandise. Regardless in their preferences, they are able to select from exceptional configurations of colors, features, sizes, and shapes to create their best product the use of a digital model.

It`s additionally crucial to apprehend what the distinction is among configuration vs. customization on this context. While customization is building a product primarily based totally on a unmarried consumer's specifications, configuration involves growing a characteristic with more than one alternatives which are already to be had. Therefore, the use of a visible product configurator, clients can create custom configurations of the diverse alternatives to be had to each consumer to broaden a unique, custom product.

#What are the benefits of visual configuration for eCommerce?

There are numerous benefits of the usage of visible product configuration gear for eCommerce organizations. These include:

Increased Engagement with Visitors and Shoppers

People join lots greater with visuals than descriptions. A product description and some expert images from more than one angles can handiest have interaction clients to a small degree. If you need to preserve people searching for products/services engaged and display them exactly what your product is about, visible product configurations may be the important thing to organising a sturdy connection. People also are more likely to recall your merchandise at a later time if they are able to have interaction with them via visible content, despite the fact that they don`t purchase them immediately.

Increased Conversion Rates

Customers are in large part motivated with the aid of using visuals while figuring out whether or not to buy a product. In fact, 83% of buyers say that visuals are greater critical than every other element, along with pointers and reviews. 3-D visible configuration ends in a median conversion charge growth of 40%, and clients who view 3-D visuals of merchandise are 11x much more likely to buy than individuals who don't. 

Improved Scalability

Unlike static photos, visible product configurations permit organizations to render photos of merchandise as a whole, together with person additives. If you depend on images of customizable merchandise, you can require too many photos from a expert photographer to make it really well worth the investment. A digital representation, on the alternative hand, permits you to reuse element additives and display each thing of your merchandise in almost any configuration imaginable.

Less Frequent Product Returns

If humans understand what they are going to get earlier than in reality making an investment in it, they are more likely to be glad with their buy. Visual product configurations have the capability to seriously lessen returns, as buyers can see the product firsthand earlier than buying. Subsequently, your enterprise can keep on charges related to the processing, shipping, and dealing with of returns together with misplaced enterprise. Additionally, your enterprise may be greater sustainable, seeing as returns are frequently harsh at the surroundings due to the fact the product has to make the identical adventure twice. 

How does a visible configurator growth income and streamline the income process?

Visual product configuration may be a useful asset at some stage in the income cycle. By arming your income groups with visible configurators, they are able to efficiently display clients what to anticipate once they order a specific product. Based in your income team's expertise of your merchandise, they are able to then stroll via every thing with clients the usage of a completely interactive image. As a result, clients may have a deeper know-how of a product and what it entails, and they will be much more likely to agree with your emblem and merchandise. This is drastically greater powerful than a salesclerk honestly discussing a product or counting on static photos to assist lead a purchaser towards a sale.

How does product visualization enhance the shopping for revel in for buyers?

If you`re seeking out a manner to massively enhance the patron revel in, product visualization is crucial. Most Americans simplest land up shopping for round 58% of the goods of their buying carts each year. To persuade buyers that your merchandise are really well worth shopping for and construct extra pleasure round their purchases, a visible product customizer can display them precisely what they may be getting and cause them to experience as aleven though they have got extra manage over their purchase. Customers will in no way be left withinside the darkish at any factor and might experience extra assured approximately their order as they finalize their purchase.


How do I get began out with a visible configurator?

If you need to apply visible product configuration software program to allow buyers to visualise new merchandise or current product lines, you may without difficulty accomplish that with the aid of using figuring out which kind of configurator will paintings best. 

You can pick both a 2D or 3-d configurator, primarily based totally at the complexity and capability of your merchandise. The form of device you operate may depend upon your website, as Threekit's platform works with a couple of eCommerce structures which include Magento 2, Woocommerce, and Shopify. 

Based to your needs, you may then use our Virtual Photographer way to generate hundreds of snap shots of your merchandise, with out the want for a photoshoot. This can seize each attitude of your merchandise in completely found out 3-d snap shots and fashions that clients can view.

If you need to provide clients the cappotential to look merchandise inside a bodily space, augmented truth is every other key device to implement. Augmented truth lets in cellular tool customers to challenge customizable merchandise of their houses or different areas in actual time, displaying how the product could appearance in a actual-international putting from any attitude.

To decide which product visualization answer is proper for you, take a look at out our Threekit Solution Guide. If you need to start putting in a custom answer on your business, you may additionally touch us at any time.

How do I positioned a visible configurator on my website?

If you need to discover a way to upload a visible configurator to eCommerce structures, there are 3 essential structures which are well suited with Threekit's visible configurator device:

Magento 2

You can without difficulty set up our visible configuration software program to your Magento save. Our answer is to be had in a bendy plugin layout that plugs at once right into a Magento save, with superior configuration abilties. You also can gain from automation of order processing—as soon as a configuration is whole and the patron opts to shop for it, our answer mechanically generates the order to the ideal specifications.

You additionally have the cappotential to without difficulty manipulate all 3-d property, permitting you to save your product statistics as character substances, textures, and fashions. Automatic production outputs also are included, producing meeting instructions, reduce patterns, CAD files, and bill-of-substances, amongst different outputs.


It's clean for groups to put in Threekit's configurator on their WooCommerce platform the usage of a easy plugin. WooCommerce clients get all of the identical advantages as the ones the usage of Magento and Shopify, which include superior configuration abilties like parametric and nested configuration. Additionally, customers gain from automated order processing as quickly as clients select to shop for a custom product. They also can manipulate all 3-d property in my view and mechanically generate CAD files, meeting instructions, and different production outputs.


Our plugin is likewise well suited with Shopify stores, presenting the identical benefits as our Magento and WooCommerce plugins. These advantages consist of superior nested and parametric configuration, automated order processing, 3-d asset management, and production outputs to make certain each patron gets the precise product they expect.

How can I make a visible configurator for my website?

Using the Threekit platform, you may without difficulty broaden a visible product configurator on your website. There are 3 essential steps involved:

Import 3-d Assets

The first step of the procedure involves uploading 3-d snap shots into the platform, which include substances, textures, and fashions of positive merchandise which are created the usage of our Visual Photographer device. All customers want to do is pick 3-d snap shots that they have got created and add them to the platform, which organizes and makes them clean to interchange out.

Assign Layers and Visual Attributes

Using the ones 3-d property, you may upload layers of substances and textures to particular corresponding additives of product fashions. For example, you may assign colorations and substances to unique elements of a chair version that buyers could be capable of extrade for your configurator.

Set Up Catalog Items

With all layers and fashions in area and organized, you may start connecting the ones fashions with merchandise and product alternatives for your catalog. For instance, you may ensure that after clients select a unique colour for a chair seat even as surfing your save, the corresponding characteristic of that version will extrade to that colour withinside the configurator.


How can I create a visible configurator for WordPress?

Using WooCommerce, you may without difficulty combine Threekit's visible product configurator with a WordPress website. WooCommerce is an open-supply plugin that you may use with WordPress, changing it into an eCommerce save. With WooCommerce installed, you may join our configurator platform to WooCommerce, which will, in turn, paintings together along with your WordPress website.


How can I upload a visible configurator to my Salesforce save?

The Threekit visible product configurator is well suited with Salesforce stores, giving your income groups get right of entry to to a dependable product customizer that may considerably improve income. Our platform is well suited with quite a few Salesforce Clouds, which include Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. 

How do I select the proper visible configurator?

When you are withinside the marketplace for a visible Configure Price Quote (CPQ) device, it is crucial to find the proper one primarily based totally to your needs. You want to discover a configurator that may completely immerse clients with correct visible representations of merchandise. Try to discover a product configurator it really is each clean to apply and creates wonderful fashions that make configuration easy. 

In addition to best in phrases of visible additives, you have to additionally try and discover a product configurator that functions stay pricing thru charge API. This can as it should be mirror the charge of a product in actual-time

Top 8 Visual Configuration Software

2.Epicor CPQ
6.Experlogix CPQ
7.Digital Sales Platform

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