Member Engagement Scoring As A Strategy

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Member Engagement Scoring As A Strategy

 Member engagement is vital for maintaining and growing your relationship with your members – after all,  an organization’s first duty is to its members, and this includes ensuring they are getting as much value out of that membership as possible in the forms of services, training, networking opportunities, and/or certifications. When an organization closely monitors the needs and wants of its members, it can more easily provide those things, tangentially growing revenue and maintaining membership retention rates. When an organization focuses on its members, the benefits extend throughout the different lines of business.

                A member engagement scoring strategy is the first step to ensuring you are providing your members with the benefits and services they need to make their membership dues worthwhile on an ongoing basis. The value that your members get from their membership is a major factor in the decision to continue paying the dues, so having a good understanding of your members will only positively affect your member retention rates. Once you have a member engagement scoring model, you can start assigning points to different activities, such as small things like reading emails, which might have a lower number of points assigned to it, or going to Capitol Hill on behalf of the association to lobby Congress, which would have a much higher score assigned to it. When you track and score each of these activities, not only do you pinpoint your most engaged members, giving you the opportunity to reward them, you can also discover the least engaged members, giving you the opportunity to reevaluate how you are marketing events or classes to them in order to encourage more engagement.

                Member engagement scoring is also helpful in determining what exactly your members want out of your organization. Tracking your most popular products, training courses, or events will help you evaluate what your members are looking for and how to provide more of it. If two products or services are purchased together often, you could bundle them for a slightly reduced price to bring up sales of those products, benefitting your revenue. Tracking member engagement will also help you to identify what email marketing strategies work for which demographics. One strategy might work for your older members, but to bring in your younger members too, you might need to change it to appeal to them more. Targeted marketing campaigns are easy when you track which members are opening and interacting with which emails and a member engagement scoring model will help to make seeing those patterns much easier.

                Member engagement scoring is beneficial to your members, your revenue, and your member retention rates. It can help to increase your total member value by giving you the information you need to provide the services and products your members have demonstrated they want and need from your organization. Through this, it will help grow your revenue and event attendance numbers as well as maintain your membership retention rates. When you use member engagement scoring to lead your strategies, your entire organization will benefit.

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