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Virtual Platforms refer to the technology that is generally used for creation and the development of 3D immersive experiences. It has various applications and usually a base that provides support. A virtual platform is a system that allows different applications to run and take place under the same roof and the environment. Let’s check out some of the best platforms in the internet space- 

Puaerte Visual specialises in design, management and the delivery of the virtual and hybrid events. It is using our native powerful digital platform. It has successfully delivered virtual events and created digital hubs for some of the best organisations in the world. It has an experienced team of experts that advises in the creation and delivery of the flawless virtual and hybrid events. It will help to meet your business objectives. It can help you to host career fairs, training events, massive networking events which will allow a global attendance. Live streaming to any part of the world which allows you to create virtual ticketing and breakout spaces.

Dream cast offers customisable and interactive solutions. It is the most trusted and secure global virtual event platform. All possible event solutions under one roof. It will help you to conceptualise and host the most scalable events. It hosts innovative and engaging virtual events. It can maximise your events reach to a global audience. Immersive 360 virtual platform that offers an extensive list of the most versatile virtual platforms. It has amazing features to keep attendees excited and engaged. The most innovative and advanced features can enhance your event. It has specific tools like - Replication of Physical Venue, AI matchmaking , Networking Zones and Tables, B2B meeting scheduler, gamification, multi format communication, text and video based support, valuable event analytics, data security, 24/7 backend support. This platform will provide you with excellent features and will enable you to organise any internal or external events. Hybrid meetings, Virtual Conference , virtual fairs, virtual town halls and many more.

Nunify is an all-in-one webinar and virtual event management platform. It is an innovative, rapid, next-generation platform. It offers you 24*7 access to a broadcast and network, and will help you engage with users all around the globe. It will let you host some of the major online events like - webinars and virtual Meetings. A ready-steady platform which allows award shows, conferences and product launches. It will allow you to explore the world of different opportunities.

Tocca is flexible. It helps companies to design their own version of a virtual event. It helps in large business gatherings. It is designed to replicate the essence of physical events to a compelling digital event rendering. It will allow you to navigate from room to room, it can be easily challenged by sponsor booths, gamifications, lounge, a break in the networking lounge and other attendees. It will design for you a completely new experience, unique event needs. You can increase the engagement at your virtual events or gatherings with the customisable services they offer. It is designed to give you a branded solution to increase the intimacy of the interactions.

WorkCast provides a complete solution to your problem. Make your webinars easy to use and simple to scale. WorkCast has worked with some of the world's biggest brands and fastest growing companies. It is successful in making webinars, web-casts and virtual events. It is truly spectacular and is considered to be one of the best webinar platforms. Leading the game of virtual events and is a global service provider. It has established itself by creating a digital space for astounding meaningful engagement. The first interactive technology which requires no downloads or plugins. It is offering an international presence which will allow you to support customers all around the world.

let’s get digital- Replication of physical events into virtual events can be created easily with Let’s get Digital. Welcome attendees in the lobby with a personalised check. It will allow the speakers to engage well with the audience through tools that are interactive. It is extremely dedicated where the sponsors will come to present themselves. Organising the event will give you detailed reports. It will help you calculate your ROI and other monitor attendance. For your next online event you can feel virtually physical at the comfort of your own home. Featuring a personalised check which allows for advanced engagement tools. It will give you an elaborative sponsor booth which will allow you to attend the meeting from anywhere.

Wiz365 is an all-in-one event management solution for your virtual meeting affairs. It will help you create and manage your events hassle-free and with extra ease. The USP of WIZ365 is that the platform is very user-friendly. It allows a one-to-one chat system. The possibility of seamless execution of virtual events is guaranteed. The innumerable stalls of the event and the possibility of the engagement is 100%. Fully customisable as per the requirement of the brand. It has many options to feature the networking/ meeting/ brainstorming category possibilities which will allow for micro-level discussions. The DIY setup will allow for the brand's involvement for the backend team. It will create a 3D mesmerising platform that mimics the physical event.

Hexafair will allow your exhibitors to extend their booths virtually. There are many webinar virtual platforms in the market but Hexafair happens to be the best. Offering rich and immersive experiences with astounding features and effects. It offers Virtual Show, Virtual Exhibition, Virtual Fairs, Virtual Conference, Virtual Summit and virtual meet solutions. Fully 3D interactive environment to your needs. Conduct B2B trade shows that will help you to generate leads. Generate revenue through the vast e-commerce system. Showcase your property project and in turn capture leads. Host a virtual motor show by taking your auto/ vehicles to the online show. Showcase your products online . Host virtual industry expo. Run small exhibitions.


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