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When you are the one who is planning your own wedding. This blog will come handy to you. There are a list of things that are nice to know about , things you need to know. If you are someone who is wondering and confused at the same time that you might have missed out on something then - let’s go around reading it. 

If you are planning your wedding in India remember that- Guests always come first. Get a hold of the approximate number of guests that you are willing to invite for your wedding. Arrange for the RSVPs. If the list seems like a long list then the following arrangements such as need for extra tables, waiters and the band will be needed. Make sure to have a look at all the nitty-gritty details.

 Remember: Planning a wedding usually takes time and must not be rushed. No matter how much the work-load is, always remember to enjoy and have fun. Wedding Planning has become more of an experience rather than a challenge. It must be a joyful experience, a memory of a life-time. Make sure to take your time and don’t rush to the aisle with a frowning face.

 Set your Budget Aside - 

The most important thing is to set your budget. This will influence your following expenditures like the setup, expenses on musicians, band etc. As you put aside your budget, think about the potential size of the wedding. We mean, to check on the guest list. This is the time to decide if you want something small or intimate or large and extravagant. One of the first things to do is set the budget aside as it will influence the guest list.

 Discuss your priorities- 

After the budget is discussed and set aside, jump onto the priorities list. Make sure to determine what is most important to you and get a clear picture by taking the following steps- Are you looking for a band for your reception? If yes, Set aside the funds needed for that purpose. If you are someone expecting a large floral installation then you might need to go for simple table rentals and design. Make sure to bring everyone on the same page and tell them what you need.

 Research and Tour Venues 

Another time-consuming aspect of wedding planning is the selection of the wedding venues. Most of these weddings have minimum  guests accommodation, you will need to check for the same. If you have a heart for some specific location or destination make sure to visit it and book it. Sometimes you need to cut your wishes from the list and yearn that celebration that you have longing for. Be flexible for the day and the date of the wedding.

Look out for decor inspiration 

Make sure to consider your favourite wedding checklists. Picking a selective theme or style allows you to get creative and think about some of the various ways. Whatever you choose , make sure that your personality shines through it. If you are some one dreaming of a wedding that has a mountain backdrop , make the arrangements. A high- class glam party at a modern loft. Make this change and make sure whatever you are dreaming of comes to light on the big day of yours. A reflection of you, your thoughts and personality.

Order Formal Invitations 

Save the dates and come in handy with the guests already. The invitations and design which you selected can be finalised and must be mailed or WhatsApp to every contact of the guest list. Make sure that they are in tune and in perfect condition before sending and ruling them out.

 Plan your food menu-

 You know how important food is at the wedding. Follow the simplest techniques and make sure to discuss the style of food and food service to your clients. Customise that menu and brainstorm what other options can be implemented. This is a great opportunity for you to decide if you want a wedding cake or not.

 Look for the dressing attire- 

It’s never too early to start shopping for your wedding dress. It is important to get the perfect attire and make sure the wedding gown arrives on the day of the wedding. Decide on the style, level of formality, the colour and then go hoping for your perfect attire. Make sure to consider your budget and don’t try to overlook it as this will start narrowing down the budget for the other things.Brides and Attires are really a thing, Isn’t it? 

 Start booking vendors- 

The next thing upon your wedding planning must be a firm decision to book the vendors. The venue comes first and then the vendors. It is really helpful to earmark priority vendors during this time as a confirmed photographer, caterer will make your things easy and smooth. There is obviously some benefit at securing them in the first place as they maybe busy on your wedding date later on.

 Plan your entertainment 

If you want a gala night- then let’s talk about music. Book live performers , DJ, and appoint for their services. Special dance performances or any special celebrity guest appearance can also be done to provide for the entertainment that is needed for the pro night.Plan your entertainment night well because your guests will love it and at the same time you can make most out of it.

Make sure the wedding planning is done and know that you have made it so far! After looking out for everything and bringing them in sync. Your wedding day has finally arrived. Have fun and take it all in. You have spent most of the months planning and preparing now to give the responsibilities to the vendors and give them everything.All the best to the upcoming bride and the groom. Start a wonderful journey and make sure to call this journey yours and only yours.


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