Travel Assistant: 6 Apps to Install on Your Smartphone

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Nobody can ignore the fact that the revolution in the IT world concerns each traveler. Now we don’t have to take a map or a thick dictionary with us, so that we can at least somehow communicate with locals. Also, you no longer need to look for how to rent a car under 21. Everything has become much simpler: the main thing is to have a smartphone with Internet access at hand. All the necessary information becomes available in just a couple of touches on the screen. So, if you like to travel, then you will need the following 6 applications.

Packing Pro

We are sure that when going on your next trip, you’ll ask yourself the question – ‘What have I forgotten again’? If so, then there’s a special application that will help you with the preparation and will track the process of your packing process.

You can make a list of necessary things and documents in advance, or use one of the proposed in the application and add your own. This will definitely save you both nerves and time. Even if the Pro version of the application cost $2.99, but you will immediately know what you took with you - clothes, accessories, essentials, insurance, documents and other little things.


This application is the best of all options for a real-time tracking of domestic and international flights. This program will be useful to those who no longer imagine their life without flights.

No matter how good your memory is. It’s still difficult to remember your flight number, departure time, date, which gate you need to approach for landing. In FlightTrack you only need to enter the number of your flight and a couple of days before departure you will know exactly what time the boarding will begin, when the check-in will be started, and how long will an airline delay your flight.

If suddenly something unexpectedly changes, the application will immediately notify you about it in SMS. Here you can see the map of the terminal, the location of restaurants, toilets in the terminal. The FlightTrack database contains data from more than 1,400 airlines and more than 5,000 airports around the globe.


Imagine that you are traveling in Florence, and took such a photo that you want to immediately print it. You can instantly create an excellent postcard from this picture and send it to your friends as a keepsake.

So, you need the Postagram application to do this. It’s free of charge and allows you to make an inscription on a photo, take a picture from your Instagram or Facebook, and then send the photo to anywhere in the world - you just need to specify a name, address and zip code.

It’s possible to add text up to 140 characters long to your postcard. The only drawback of this program is the lack of font editing. Sometimes the text is small and hard to notice right away.

Also, each time you send a postcard, you will have to enter your bank card details again and again for payment. In addition, this payment option violates the rules of Google Play and the App Store. If you don’t know the exact address of your friend, then you can make a request by SMS or email. All sent cards can be viewed on the website of the application developers. So far, they promise that the first 4 cards can be sent for free, and then every 10 photos will cost $10.


This is one of the most interesting social applications in which you can find information about nearby cafes, bars, restaurants or just dining rooms. This service works almost like Foursquare, but only for one purpose - to find a place where you can eat.

It’s important that the program doesn’t impose on you specially selected establishments and restaurants. Everything is based on the choice of users who left their reviews and advised any place.

As you understand, you can leave an opinion about the cafe you like, add your post, photos, or a short review. All this is completed in a matter of minutes, but maybe your feedback will help someone make a final decision.


This application will help you destroy the language barrier if you are in a country where it’s absolutely impossible to talk with locals. For convenience, the entire database of languages ​​and words is divided into categories.

You can immediately listen to the selected phrase in one of 44 languages, if you can’t read and pronounce it correctly. No wonder more than 5 million users have already downloaded this application and are actively using it.


This is a convenient application for finding any nearby object. It knows the area very well and quickly determines your location, thereby allowing you to find the nearest bank, cafe, gas station, hospital, hotel, cinema in a matter of seconds.

For each element of the list its location is available on the map. You can check the route to it from your current position, add information to your contact list or even send information to friends.

The application is distributed free of charge and monetized through unobtrusive advertising, which can be turned off for just $1.

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